McAlpine opens Clinton Alaska HQ by addressing Trump, Cruz “bigotry” and “fear of smart women”


Thursday night Hillary Clinton’s campaign opened their Alaska caucus campaign headquarters in Anchorage. About 40 people watched as former Lt. Governor Stephen McAlpine, filling in for former Governor Bill Sheffield, spoke to christen the offices.

McAlpine said “A smart, capable woman scares the hell out of Donald Trump and scares the hell out of the likes of Ted Cruz. And when I witness the bigotry of what is going on and the response that some Americans have for that bigotry, that is ignorance at its best.”

You can watch his full comments here:

  • Roldrik Mavo

    A smart capable woman, just ignore the fact that she doesn’t know how to properly secure her private email server. But what the heck, neither does the IRS and many other branches of government. Hopefully she will set up the same secure private email server when she becomes President. Or maybe she will go old school when in the Oval Office and go back to just using secret tape recordings of everything.