Group Launches TV Ads In Alaska To Save Obamacare

This morning Politico noted congressional Republicans continue to struggle to find a way forward on their promise to repeal Obamacare:

“Republicans in Congress, who have long dreamed of dismantling Obamacare — Obama’s signature legislative achievement, formally known as the Affordable Care Act — but they remain divided on what they should put in its place if they repeal it. They are also facing resistance from constituents that has materialized in hostile town hall meetings back home.”

Now, a national group called Alliance for Healthcare Security has launched TV ads in several states, including Alaska, aimed at ramping up that resistance.

Here is their ad currently running in Alaska:

The woman at the heart of the ad, Lisa Keller, is becoming something of the “go to”girl for Obamacare ads in the Last Frontier.

Here is an Obamacare based ad featuring her that ran to support Sen. Mark Begich in his 2016 run for reelection:

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Casey Reynolds
Reynolds served as communications director for the Alaska Republican Party from 2008-2011. He left the Party in 2011 to host his own popular morning radio political talk show on AM750 / FM103.7 KFQD. Reynolds now runs The Midnight Sun (, crowned by the Anchorage Press as “Alaska’s best political blog.”