State Politics

Republican Party Attacks On Colver Spread

The belief among local Republican Party officials is that Rep. Jim Colver (R-Palmer) is working to form a bipartisan majority coalition in the state house, that his voting in opposition to the House’s Republican leadership too often appears to be growing. Now multiple local party officials are searching for pressure that the party establishment can exert to bring Colver “back in line.”

Anchorage Mayor Slams Legislators “They Don’t Know What They’re Doing”

Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz is taking strong objection to work being done in Juneau by state legislators. In the wake of several proposals by lawmakers to cut the state budget including shifting public employee retirement costs to local governments and ending municipal revenue sharing the normally affable Mayor has appeared on several tv and radio outlets to offer harsh criticism of their work.

What Are Lawmakers Trying To Achieve With The State Budget?

To help boil things down, here are two short floor speech clips that pretty well encapsulate the budget positions of the State Senate Majority and Minority. Don’t worry, they are short and largely free of numbers and acronyms. They don’t and aren’t intended to give you the depth of detail of the budget, but rather the values each side is basing their positions upon.

Why Legislators Can’t Solve The LIO Mess

After re-watching all of the Legislative Council meetings since December in an attempt to fully understand the situation, one thing stands out: Legislative Affairs Agency (LAA) Executive Director Pam Varni is the problem.