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Sturgulewski To Stock: Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth

Alriss Sturgulewski herself said in an interview “I resent the fact (Stock) is using that quote I made some time ago so heavily.” She continued “She never made any communication with me, but took it upon herself and now it’s featured very prominently in her campaign. I resent being used in that way.”

ICYMI: Murkowski Facebook Ad Trolls Dept of Interior

For a glimpse into just how precise Facebook ad targeting is getting, look to Washington, D.C. Specifically look to 1849 C Street, N.W., a few blocks from the White House, where you’ll find the headquarters for the Department of the Interior, the federal agency tasked with managing national parks, federal land and natural resources.

Steve Lindbeck Tells Supporters, “Why I’m Running For Congress”

This morning newly announced Democrat candidate for Congress Steve Lindbeck sent out an email titled “Why I’m Running For Congress.” Sending such a message to introduce yourself to voters is a standard procedure for statewide campaigns. As their campaigns began to mobilize in recent weeks U.S. Senate candidates Margaret Stock and Sen. Lisa Murkowski wrote similarly titled messages.