APOC Drops $91,500 In Fines On Three Assembly Candidates

The Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) staff is recommending the agency drop the hammer on three candidates from last spring’s Anchorage Assembly elections, issuing fines totaling $91,500. On August 1st, Terre Gales, Adam Trombley, and Treg Taylor all received fines of over $1,000 according to documents from the state agency that monitors campaign finance laws.

Deficit Jumps 35%, Slower Economic Growth Projected, & Neither Presidential Candidate Has Plan To Address It

Buck down folks, the news isn’t good. New numbers released yesterday show the federal deficit jumped 35% this year and is set to almost triple in the next ten years. As if that isn’t a troubling enough sign, the federal government itself now projects significantly slower economic growth over the next ten years. And we are still waiting for either presidential candidate to notice.

Democrats Take Aim At Munoz

Growing public outrage at Juneau Rep. Cathy Munoz’ decision to send letters of support for two defendants in child sex abuse cases could jeopardize her once seemingly inevitable re-election bid.

Now On To The General Election

The primary election was fun, and lively, and entertaining, but is also now in the books. Now we turn our attention to the general election in November. Here is a quick primer on what we’re watching.