McGuire Attacks Fellow Lawmakers On Travel

In response to an ADN article detailing problems in Sen. Lesil McGuire’s office related to the authorization of spending $6500 on staff travel to the National Council of State Legislatures (NCSL) in Seattle, McGuire this morning attacked fellow legislators for their spending habits at that same conference.

Drama Industry Drama at the State Legislature

When the Legislature and Governor ended the Alaska Film Tax Credit program this summer everyone figured it would cause some stress in the film community, but who could have guessed it would devolve into telenovela drama so badly one company would feel the need to lawyer up to protect their reputation.

Berkowitz Talks Climate Change

Mayor Berkowitz gave quite a speech on climate change before to GLACIER Conference. Its a speech that will make progressives tingle and conservatives bristle. Either way, the Mayor’s words will engage you and make you think.