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IMG_9071_webOh wow, someone gave me a whole space just to talk about myself?  Awesome.

Hi, I’m Casey Reynolds and I’m the guy who manages the content here in our little corner of news, politics and media in Alaska.

I’m just an air force brat who moved around a lot growing up and thought “Alaska is better than any of those places so I think I’ll stick around.”

I’m a proud graduate of Bartlett High School and the University of Alaska-Anchorage with a degree in political science.  After college, I wanted to do some public service so I did a couple of years in Americorps working for the City of Kenai and the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District.

Since my Americorps days, it’s been an invigorating and sometimes exasperating blend of work experiences.  Among other things, I have blogged, worked on political campaigns, crafted communications for the Alaska Republican Party, lead economic development for the city of Wasilla, and voiced a popular mid-morning radio talk show on Alaska’s highest rated news-talk station.  Not all at the same time of course, but still.

Through it all I have made and lost a few friends, been right (a lot) and wrong (nah, probably not), and always said what I really thought. The only things I can promise you as a reader is that I will always bring you something interesting and never, ever shy away from speaking truth to power.

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8 Comments on "About Casey"

  1. always great to have another perspective in the market! more information is always better

  2. Excellent so far. Keep up the good work Casey. I will check back regularly. Hoping to add you to a short list of Alaska alternative news sources that I read daily.

  3. Casey, where in Alaska was the pic in your homepage banner taken? Thanks.

  4. @soaring_hawk:disqus I don’t know where it was taken. It just looks pretty awesome. I can’t honestly say which of the “sun” pics on the site are from Alaska.

  5. Just heard about your site when you called into the Rydell show.
    Got it bookmarked now, and will be checking in.

  6. Good ploy to get people looking at your page … Sean must be ecstatic.

  7. BurtGummer44 | August 3, 2016 at 5:57 pm | Reply

    Shill Hillary Supporter! RINOs Get off the damned Radio! We get enough of your types on the Soviet Stye MSM! I can’t believe Pocaro allowed you to have the mic!

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