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The Midnight Sun Podcast (March 19)

In our March 19 episode, Casey Reynolds and former Wasilla legislator Lynn Gattis discuss Donald Trump’s latest bout with “alternative facts”, the Alaska state budget, and what the reaction of Alaskans has been to the State Senate passing PFD reform. Casey then interviews Kenai-Soldotna area Senator Peter Micciche to get his take on the state budget and his body’s PFD reform package.

Could Obamacare “Bloodbath” Be Key To Walker Reelection?

If Trump and the GOP-controlled congress can’t dismantle Obamacare as they have promised to do for years, they could face a combination of that “bloodbath” backlash — or at least a depressed turnout — from their rank-and-file conservative base while simultaneously raising the profile of the issue and handing Gov. Walker a powerful and popular issue to run on.

The Midnight Sun Podcast (February 19)

In our February 19 episode, Casey Reynolds and Forrest Dunbar discuss what Forrest heard about the new Trump administration during his time in Washington D.C. this week, our take on the latest fantasy state legislature league scores, and what to expect in the upcoming Anchorage municipal elections.

We are also joined by Ian Lang of Alaska’s Future to discuss the where discussions on a comprehensive solution to the state budget crisis stand and where they are likely to go.