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Walker Appoints New AG

After being told by the Alaska Republican Party for the last week Gov. Walker was defiantly going to choose either former Rep. Beth Kertulla or Marcia Davis for Attorney General, we learned today neither was the choice.

In fact, there is no evidence either was even in the running.

One Wrinkle In The Fish Wars

Now with the Legislature’s Special Session winding to an end, some legislators are eyeing a shift in the proposal to increase fishing taxes to favor one set of fishing interests at the expense of another.

Over $17 Million Spent On State Lobbyists This Year

Just before the legislative session began I did a breakdown of which lobbyists would be lobbying for which interests. Some lobbyists, however, don’t report many of their clients until the session gets underway and many acquire clients as the session progresses. So now that the Legislature is going well into overtime, the lobbying picture is much clearer.