bill walker

Governor Walker To Play Better With Legislature

As the start of the next legislative session nears Jan. 19, the governor said he has made plans this year to meet with the leaders of the House and Senate Finance and Resources committees every two weeks, “because just about everything goes through Resources or Finance,” as a way to improve communication between executive and legislative branches, he said.

A Tale of Two State Budget Presentations

I’ve been curious how average Alaskans, consumed by their daily lives and seemingly uninterested in policy minutiae, were digesting all of this budget talk. Since no broad-based statewide polling has yet been made public, I thought I would attend two very different budget presentations for audiences of opposing political views to see just how those audiences were taking it in.

Walker Appoints 2nd Woman To Anchorage Superior Court

As we reported earlier this month, the 17 seat Anchorage Superior Court had become almost entirely male, with 16 men and only 1 woman. That disparity provided good reason to believe Governor Bill Walker would lean towards appointing one of the two female nominees put forward by the Alaska Judicial Council for the seat being vacated by the retiring Judge Michael Spaan.