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Miller Breaks Libertarian Record

Here is another interesting article by Dr. Eric Ostermeier on the site Smart Politics. This one shows Joe Miller outperformed any previous Libertarian Party candidate in a U.S. Senate race since at least 1976.

But was Miller really a Libertarian Party candidate? It sure looked to a lot of people like was he just renting their slot on the ballot and using it as a base from which to once again wage war against his white whale, Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Either way, Miller still showed he was a far more voter-friendly candidate than anyone else to appear on Libertarian line possibly ever.

The Midnight Sun Podcast (November 6)

The Midnight Sun’s Casey Reynolds is joined by Ivan Moore of Alaska Survey Research and Matt Larkin of Dittman Research to discuss some of Alaska’s most interesting legislative races and the issues at play in them.

Another Alaska GOP Mailer Ties Joe Miller To Hillary Clinton

This is the second mailer paid for by the Alaska Republican Party (ARP) in the last week attempting to tie the circumstances surrounding Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Joe Miller’s departure from the Fairbanks North Star Borough in 2008 to the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server to store emails while she was Secretary of State.

What Republican Attack Mailers On Joe Miller Tell Us

Evaluating these mailers to see what the party’s key messages are against Miller is interesting enough. It can reveal where they think Miller is vulnerable, what voters the ARP thinks they can peel away from him, and any number of other insights into their thinking us political junkies might find interesting.

Miller, however, gave us quite a gift on Monday. As part of his press conference attacking the ARP for alleged financial improprieties, Miller showed a series of mailers the ARP did in 2010 supporting him as the party’s nominated candidate and attacking then write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski.