Von Imhof Annouces Run For Senate Seat L

In her announcement Natasha Von Imhof says:

I am excited to announce my candidacy for Alaska Svon imhoftate Senate District L.  I have been considering this run for nearly two years and have spent the last year preparing for it in earnest by talking to legislators and constituents and researching the important issues.

My background is well suited to address the issues the state is facing today. While on the school board, I did similar work that I will be doing on the legislature, which is identifying priorities, setting good policies, conducting management audits to help improve operational efficiency, and creating public / private partnerships to find ways to get things done quicker and for less money.

Click here to read her full statement.

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2 Comments on "Von Imhof Annouces Run For Senate Seat L"

  1. Based on her performance with the school board I’m not certain if she’s a conservative, liberal, or what…

    • Rockin_Mel_Slurrup | October 1, 2015 at 6:33 am | Reply

      She was a mess on the Board. She is always angry, and just wastes everybody’s time. Everything is political with her, always wondering which way the wind was blowing so she could gain politically. Students don’t need that.

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