Twilight of the GOP Elite?

With the rise of “outsider” candidates in the Republican presidential primary and the failure of John Boehner’s hand picked successor in the race for Speaker of the House, one has to wonder if party insiders and powerful special interests truly have lost control of the GOP.

Frank Bruni writes in the New York Times “Donald Trump’s stamina and the ascendance of Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina suggest as much. The three of them, who have led national polls since mid-September, aren’t just political outsiders, which is the label hung on them most frequently. For Republicans (and perhaps for Democrats, too) this is a season of rebellion, as the chaos in the House of Representatives vividly illustrates. A consequential share of the Republican majority there have made it clear that they will not bow to precedent, not follow any conventional script, not have anyone foisted on them.”

“Those bomb throwers are mirrors of the voters who are saying no to Jeb Bush, no to Chris Christie, no to John Kasich, no to anyone who was once or could soon be the darling of the northeastern Acela corridor. And they’re pointing the Republican primary in a genuinely unpredictable direction.”

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  1. The SCOTUS Citizens United decision made the political party system in the United States as necessary as “teats on a boar hog”. These folks in the US Congress are fighting over a corpse. The entire two-party system is in the twilight of its existence.
    Who cares about the Republican or Democratic Party any longer , particularly in Alaska . A standing caucus runs the show and they will take anybody regardless of party affiliation. That potential caucus affiliation will drive the unions and corporations to fund campaigns for those who can gain the most influence within the majority caucus and that now unrestricted funding need not be funneled through any party and certainly a party platform means nothing to anyone involved. Like my State Senator told me all that counts now in the Alaska Senate is 11 votes.

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