Bieling Calls For Hawker’s Resignation

Rep. Mike Hawker’s primary opponent Ross Bieling has calleBeiling_Hawkerd for his resignation. The call comes in response to emails being made public showing collaboration between Hawker and developer Mark Pfeffer to close a $44 million deal to renovate the Anchorage Legislative Information Office.

As I’ve said before, this figures to be one of the nastier primary fights next year, so expect a lot more of this kind of negative campaigning on both sides.

Here is Bieling’s full press release:

November 2, 2015

For Immediate Release

Contact: Ross Bieling

Ross Bieling Calls For Hawker’s Resignation

ANCHORAGE, AK – Today, Republican House Candidate for District 28 Ross Bieling is calling for Representative Mike Hawker’s resignation.

“After new evidence was released in the citizen lawsuit challenging the Alaska Legislature’s Anchorage office lease, it has become clear that Hawker’s decision to act unilaterally outside the advice and council of state lawyers and department experts was contrary to the interest of the Alaskan people.

“Representative Hawker’s conduct is outrageous and unacceptable.  It is contrary to his commitment to his constituents in District 28. This shows a fundamental breach of fiduciary responsibility. A representatives’ responsibility is not to their friends and developers, their responsibility is to Alaska. This is a breach of trust and confidence with his constituents in District 28, amongst his fellow legislatures, and most importantly with the Alaskan people.

“In a time of economic challenges, where Alaskans are gravely concerned and leaving the state – leadership demands accountability, transparency, and honest government.  It is clear now that Hawker has engaged in multiple acts of “BACKCHANNEL” non-transparent collaboration with developers that go against the financial interest of Alaskans.

“It is hypocritical and fundamentally dishonest to ask the Alaskan people to pay for this type of backroom dealing while simultaneously advocating any new taxes.

“I’m running for office because this type of behavior cannot and will not be tolerated. Alaskans deserve better.”


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  1. “Follow the money!”

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