AKRA Latest Group To Oppose Refugees


The Alaska Republican Assembly (AKRA) is the latest conservative group to make clear they want Governor Walker to stop the surging wave of terrorist refugees overrunning Alaska’s coastline (that is sarcasm).

AKRA is a group of self-described “Reagan Republicans” whose goal is to displace “RINOs” (Republicans In Name Only) and other Republicans in party leadership they believe “have shipwrecked the Party Reagan built.” They’d argue they’re more Republican than the Republicans.  

The group is asking the Governor to issue a stern, but completely unenforceable, statement to President Obama “rejecting the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Alaska”. Maybe the AKRA has some special punctuation that will give the Governor’s wishes some Constitutional weight, some special blend of italics, bold, exclamations, and perhaps an interobang for good measure.

Anyway, here’s their statement.

AKRA anti-refugee announcment

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