Anchorage LGBT Rights Ordinance Repeal Filed

Earlier today a group of citizens including Deborah Bronson (wife of Alaska Family Council board member Dave Bronson) and former Anchorage Republican Women’s Club President Judy Eledge filed a proposed petition to repeal the Anchorage gay rights ordinance (AO-96) passed earlier this year.

If the proposed petition survives legal review by the municipal attorney’s office, which is likely, the petitioners can begin gathering signatures to put the issue on the spring municipal election ballot.

This is a breaking story.  Check back for updates as the story develops.

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2 Comments on "Anchorage LGBT Rights Ordinance Repeal Filed"

  1. This is just getting horribly ridiculous. How much time and money are they going to devote to this nonsense? I thought they were supposed to be fiscal conservatives. Do they not realize that this is going to end up happening just like the marriage law passing?

  2. Re Halcro’s suggestion: all transit centers end up congregators for criminals and all of them are dangerous to everyone else. Where does he think this is not true? Oh and by the way,who in heck thinks we need to spend more money on such useless things. Oh yes… the Central Labor Council how could I have been so naive. Expensive, useless dangerous..just great.

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