Governor’s Budget Release Round-Up

Alaska Governor Bill Walker during a meeting of the National Governors Association at the White House in Washington, DC, February 23, 2015. AFP PHOTO/JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Here is a round-up of responses by Alaska’s political, business, and other leaders to the Governor’s budget release today.

This list will be updated as more comments flow in.

Alaska Dispatch Story on the budget release: Alaska Gov. Walker proposes to fix budget deficit with income tax, PFD cut

Governor’s Statements

Governor’s Budget Press Release: Walker-Mallott Administration Rolls Out New Sustainable Alaska Plan 120915

Governor’s Budget Accompanying Document: Government Actions to Reduce State Spending

Alaska State Senate

Alaska Senate Majority: Senate Majority Responds to FY17 Proposed Fiscal Plan

Alaska Senate Minority: Senate Democrats Concerned Governor’s Fiscal Plan Targets Working Families

Alaska State House

Alaska State House Majority: Finance Co-Chairs Comment on Governor’s Fiscal Plan

Alaska House Minority: Massive Scope of Proposed Fiscal Changes Demands Thorough Review of Impacts on Alaskans of All Income Levels


Alaska Chamber of Commerce: Alaska Chamber issues statement on the New Sustainable Alaska Plan

Alaskans For Sustainable Budgets/Brad Keithley:

“To be honest, I think how you react to Alaska’s fiscal situation is determined by whether your mind thinks in terms of cash or accrual accounting. If cash, then you want dollars in to equal dollars out each year. If accrual, you take a longer view and want dollars in to equal dollars out over business cycles. Alaska is in a low point in its business cycle. Those, like the Governor, running to fill the revenue trough with PFD cuts and taxes (or on the other side of things, excessive cuts) are wanting dollars in to equal dollars out this year. Frankly, they are going down the same road as those who got us into this mess in the first place, by thinking it was ok to spend a lot of the cash that came in the door (rather than saving more) when Alaska was at the top of the business cycle. Both approaches do serious damage to Alaska’s economy. Hopefully, more balanced and temperate approaches will prevail as we work through this situation.”

From Twitterville:

Rep. Charisse Millett

Charisse on budget

Alaska Support Industry Alliance

alaska support industry alliance

Alaska Oil and Gas Association

aoga on budget

Anchorage Tea Party

tea party on taxes


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4 Comments on "Governor’s Budget Release Round-Up"

  1. Apparently our Governor needs two press secretaries to tell us what he said and our legislators are too afraid to step out of line with the almighty caucus or simply can’t communicate with Alaskans and they will very much need to continue to need to hire someone to do that. Did everyone notice that in addition to the Governors agents each caucus of both the House and the Senate produced a press release relating to the Governor’s actions and that each of these releases contains the separate name of a person to contact. I assume these are the separate caucus press agents who are adequately compensated for this critical duty. Meanwhile we close trooper posts, cut the budget for Health and Human Services and prepare to tax Alaskans to maintain the status quo. Pathetic ……

  2. Rep. Millett and the House Majority didn’t mention freezes for their own hiring and travel, or cutting staff and other expenses in their press release or tweeting. The blame game- and the hypocrisy- starts.

  3. I don’t expect much to happen to support or amend the Governor’s proposals as concerns the legislature – it’s too inflammatory for them as elections are coming up.

  4. Any have a good reason why the state government is in no obvious rush whatsoever to start making money off of pot sales? Alaskans voted for this over a year ago and we are no closer to regulating marijuana like alcohol than we were the day before the election.

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