Pruitt Says He’s Crawford’s Target, Asks For Donations


Rep. Lance Pruitt

East Anchorage Representative Lance Pruitt took to email Wednesday to get in one last plea for campaign donations before the end of the year. While not mentioning anyone by name, Pruitt made clear he thinks the he knows who his opponent will be “…a former legislator has filed a letter of intent, and while they have not clarified if it is for the House of Senate it is likely they will seek the House seat.”  

This is a reference to former Democrat State House Representative and previous candidate for State Senate and Congress Harry Crawford, who on December 18th filed a letter of intent to run for state office. The only two state offices Crawford is eligible to run for are state house and state senate.

The Alaska Democratic Party and State Senate Democrats sent strong signals last month they stand behind Hilary Morgan for that state senate seat, presenting her a maximum allowable annual donation of $5000. It’s unlikely Crawford will challenge a candidate with that level of institutional party support.

Here is the full email sent out by Pruitt:

pruitt end of the year

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  1. Does the guy have any original thoughts of his own? Crying wolf for campaign contributions is pretty trite. If you have a product that people want…..they’ll knock your door down. If your solutions and record of getting things done that help your constituents can’t withstand scrutiny……you cry wolf. Perhaps play the fear the LGBT card – isn’t he in Prevo’s territory?

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