Demboski Says Johnston Not Conservative Enough For South Anchorage

Rumors are flying that Anchorage Assemblywoman Jennifer Johnston is on the brink of announcing a run for the state house seat currently held by Rep. Mike Hawker who recently announced he won’t be running to fill for a 8th term. As a matter of fact we have been told she has gone as far as sitting down with her would be opponent Ross Bieling to inform him she is running.

Ms. Johnston hasn’t yet declared or filed a letter of intent with APOC but she is already facing criticism she isn’t conservative enough for the seat.

Speaking on the Rick Rydell radio program Friday morning, Johnston’s fellow Anchorage Assembly member Amy Demboski bemoaned the “high school drama” she thinks some would like to cause on the Assembly and then immediately attacks fellow Assembly member Johnston for being “not that conservative” and says because of it she will “have issues with South Anchorage” in her run for state legislature. Its funny, one would think going out of the way to attack a colleague as they gear up to run for higher office is the kind of thing that causes such drama.

Here is the audio from Rydel’s show on AM 650 KENI:

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