Murkowski Announces Several Promotions Within D.C. Office


WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski today announced several promotions within her Washington, D.C. office at the beginning of the second session of the 114th Congress. These movements in her personal office include Michael Pawlowski, Nathan Bergerbest, Garrett Boyle, and Karina Petersen.

“Michael, Nathan, Garrett, and Karina bring both experience and Alaskan perspectives to the office, and I’m excited to promote these dedicated individuals to join my leadership team,” said Murkowski. “All of them have proved their commitment to working hard for Alaska and our nimage002ation over their time in my office, and I look forward to what more they can achieve in their new roles. I am certain that their knowledge, understanding, and ties throughout the state will have a positive impact for Alaskans.”

Michael Pawlowski, currently the Deputy Chief of Staff, will begin transitioning into the role of Chief of Staff. Pawlowski joined Murkowski’s team on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee in December 2014. Before that, he served as Alaska’s Deputy Commissioner of Revenue. A lifelong Alaskan and graduate of Alaska Pacific University, he previously served as a board member for both the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority and Alaska Energy Authority. Pawlowski has also worked for the Alaska Permanent Capital Management Company, the Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority, and the Alaska State Legislature. Mike Pawlowski will replace Ed Hild, who has served as Chief of Staff since 2011. Mr. Hild will be leaving the Senate after over twenty years of service.

Nathan Bergerbest, currently Senior Counsel and Legislative Assistant, has been promoted to the role of Deputy Chief of Staff.  Bergerbest has served as Senior Counsel to Senator Murkowski since 2003 handling the  national security, foreign relations, judiciary, Alaska public lands, Indian Affairs, public safety and federal civil service portfolios at various times over the past 12 years. Nathan has been a member of the Alaska Bar Association for the past 26 years. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Southern California and a Master of Public Health degree from Harvard University.

Garrett Boyle, who joined the office last year as Legislative Assistant handling health care, environmental, and rural development policy issues, will take over the role of Legislative Director. Boyle received his bachelor’s degree from Seattle University and is a graduate of Tulane University School of Law. He was raised in small towns throughout Alaska, including Ouzinkie, Unalakleet, and Seward. Prior to joining Senator Murkowski’s staff, he ran his own business dealing with oil and gas and patent law issues, and served as an extern in the Eastern District of Louisiana while in law school.

Karina Petersen, who has served as Murkowski’s Alaska Communications Director for a year and a half, has been promoted to the role of Communications Director and will lead the Senator’s communications efforts in both Washington, D.C. and Alaska. Previously, Petersen worked as the Media Relations Coordinator for Samaritan’s Purse, an international relief organization that provides aid to victims of war, disaster, and disease in over 100 countries. Prior to that, she was a reporter and weekend anchor at KTVA CBS 11 News in Anchorage for over two years. Petersen holds a Bachelor of Journalism in Radio-Television News from the University of Missouri. She was born in Fairbanks and raised on the Kenai Peninsula.


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2 Comments on "Murkowski Announces Several Promotions Within D.C. Office"

  1. Barbara_Bachmeier | January 21, 2016 at 5:48 pm | Reply

    Mike Pawlowski is a bad choice for any job involving trust and responsibility. I previously rented my Juneau condo this this jerk. He started a fire in my condo that people driving along Egan Drive noticed and reported to the police (Mike was in the bathroom, while cooking something on the kitchen stove, doing something rather “time consuming”). In addition to the damage due to the fire, he refused to let me inside the condo after I notified him I would be on the next flight to Juneau to inspect the damage. Then he stiffed me on the last month’s rent. Of course he did not pay for any of the furniture, etc. that burned up. PAWLOWSKI is somebody that nobody should trust with anything of value. Alaskans deserve much better that Murkowski and Mike Pawlowski. Let’s get rid of both of them in the next election.

    • Casey Reynolds | January 21, 2016 at 6:50 pm | Reply

      Yaaaaa, I don’t know about any of that, but Pawlowski has a pretty stellar reputation on policy issues. He wasn’t hired as COS he is being promoted to that position from within Lisa’s office so Im guessing that reputation has born out during his time there. Seems like a solid choice.

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