February 2016

Begich Chides Rubio On Eve Of Alaska Primary

The timing of his letter isn’t lost on Begich. Tomorrow Alaska Republicans will go to party administered voting locations around the state to divy up 25 of Alaska’s 28 delegates to the national convention among the various candidates for President. “Come Super Tuesday you’d think he’d want Alaska’s 28 delegates, but first you gotta know Alaska exists.” said Begich.

The One Decision That Could Sway Alaska Elections This Fall

The Alaska Democratic Party (ADP) is very aware of this very human tendency. Their move this week to sue the state so they can change their party rules and let those who aren’t registered members of their party run on their primary ballot is a blatant attempt to use this fact to manipulate the system and make their candidates more electable.

Democrats Nominate Candidates to Fill Gruenberg’s Vacancy

The Alaska Democratic Party today announced the three names they are giving Gov. Bill Walker to replace former Rep. Max Gruenberg. Governor Walker will have 30 days from the date of the vacancy to make his appointment. He does not have to choose one of the three candidates nominated by the Democratic Party. His choice will have to be approved by the House Democrats.