Should Voters Decide If Perm Fund Is Used To Fund State Government?

During today’s Senate Majority press availability, KTVA reporter Liz Raines asked a question we told you about in our Friday in the Sun. Senator Bill Stoltze has been pushing the idea of putting any changes to the Permanent Fund on the fall ballot as a constitutional amendment.

The video below shows Stoltze’s explanation for why he wants to go that route, rather than simply having the legislature and Governor do it, and he makes some good points.

More interestingly, Senator Charlie Huggins tacks on a particularly illuminating comment at the end. He says the “platoon” of folks in Juneau trying to convince the legislature to use the Permanent Fund earnings for government (referring to the GCI created Alaska’s Future and Rasmuson Foundation’s Plan 4 Alaska) push the narrative that Alaskans wholeheartedly support the idea, but they “get nervous” when someone suggests they put it before the voters. Surely if Alaskans are as lock step behind these groups as the polls they wield suggest, letting the voters decide should be no problem, right? Good point, Charlie.

Note: The video-audio syncing problem was pressent in the orginal video:

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  1. I understand that in some villages in underdeveloped nations, the villagers gather to decide issues by having the chief stand above the crowd and decide if those shouting to support the idea are louder than those who oppose. Then, unlike, a voice vote in our system there is no right to call for an actual vote.

    Now our “chief” (the legislative majority) wants to use that shouting method of decision making and also be able interpret the volume however necessary to defend their position.

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