Hadley Ends Run For East Anchorage Assembly Seat

Don Hadley will be ending his run for East Anchorage Assembly and instead will focus on a bid for the state house seat currently held by Rep. Max Gruenberg, according to the Alaska Dispatch News.

Don hadley

Don Hadley

“In a phone interview Wednesday, Hadley wouldn’t say who asked him to change races. He would only say there was concern about two Republicans in the East Anchorage race. 

“They wanted there to be only one Republican candidate,” Hadley said. “And suggested that they would like to have me run for the House again, instead of running for Assembly.”

Hadley said the issue had been brewing for some time but it “came to a head” on Tuesday. He said he spoke to Gales on the phone Tuesday night, and plans to support Gales in the future.”

“Hadley will be facing incumbent Rep. Max Gruenberg, a Democrat, in his bid for state House. He made unsuccessful runs against Gruenberg in both 2012 and 2014.”

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