After Some Candidates Drop Out, Spring Muni Ballot Is Set

Today at 5 PM was the deadline to drop out for candidates who filed to run for local office in Anchorage this spring. Two of them did.  

In the Chugiak/Eagle River Assembly race Blake Merrifield dropped out creating a two person race between incumbent Amy Demboski and challenger Nicholas Begich.

In Midtown, “Father of the tax cap” Don Smith also dropped his short lived bid for Assembly. That leaves incumbent Dick Traini to face Ron Alleva.

The other interesting activity was in the race for School Board Seat-B where no one dropped out. David Nees has been very vocal about receiving “arm-twisting” to get him to drop out so conservative Kay Schuster could run one-on-one against Starr Marsett. In the end Nees and Schuster both stayed in creating a three-way race for the seat.

Here are the official and final ballot line up:

municiple candidates 1assembly candidates 2

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