Do you or a friend want to represent House District 16?

Here is a statement from the Alaska Democratic Party detailing how those interested in applying to replace Rep. Max Gruenberg in the state legislature can go about it.

On Sunday, our friend and State Representative Max Gruenberg passed away. Rep. Gruenberg served his district and the people of Alaska with distinction for many years. He will be remembered and dearly missed. His successor will have big shoes to fill at this critical time in our state.

We are reaching out to invite Democrats in House District 16 to consider serving the Anchorage District and the State of Alaska at this critical time.

Max represented House District 16 in Anchorage. And the district needs to fill the vacancy by advancing the most qualified candidates to the Governor for his consideration.

House District 16 Democrats have established a process to insure Democrats have an opportunity to express their interest in being considered for an appointment to the State House.

If you, or someone you know, is willing to serve and interested in being considered for an appointment please submit a:

  • Cover Letter of Intent describing why you are interested in serving in the State House,
  • Your resume, and
  • An application which can be found at
To be considered, your application must be received by 5:00 pm Monday, February 22nd
Application to fill HD 16 Vacancy
Submit your application, cover letter and resume to [email protected] or bring it to the Alaska Democratic Party Headquarters, 2602 Fairbanks Street, Anchorage, AK 99503
Casey Steinau
Chair of the Alaska Democratic Party
Phone: (907) 258-3050

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