Johnston Criticizes Demboski For Claiming To Represent Muni


It is unusual to see members of the Anchorage Assembly openly criticize one another during a public meeting, but as last night’s Assembly meeting was getting underway, that’s exactly what happened. Assemblywoman Jennifer Johnston took the time to openly chastise fellow Assemblywoman Amy Demboski for claiming in a recent Alaska Dispatch News commentary to be representing the Municipality of Anchorage when speaking to state legislators while on a recent self-funded trip to Juneau. In the piece Demboski wrote:

“I am personally meeting with legislators to bring a message directly from the people of Chugiak, Eagle River and the Municipality of Anchorage as a whole.”

Johnston took exception to that representation saying it is inappropriate for anyone other than the Mayor to claim to speak for Muni as a whole.

Here are her comments:

Assemblywoman Demboski acknowledged she chose her words poorly, but didn’t back down from her actions:

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