March 2016

Anchorage Mayor Slams Legislators “They Don’t Know What They’re Doing”

Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz is taking strong objection to work being done in Juneau by state legislators. In the wake of several proposals by lawmakers to cut the state budget including shifting public employee retirement costs to local governments and ending municipal revenue sharing the normally affable Mayor has appeared on several tv and radio outlets to offer harsh criticism of their work.

#Kimmetcalfe Update

he kerfuffle we posted about yesterday between Alaskan Bernie Sanders supporter Levi Younger and Alaska Democratic Party superdelegate Kim Metcalfe over her support for Hillary Clinton has taken to twitter.

Spat Between Alaska Bernie Supporter & Hillary Superdelegate Goes Online

Levi Younger, from Eagle River, Alaska, is a recent political science graduate who caucused last Saturday with thousands of other Alaskans. Younger recently reached out to superdelegate Kim Metcalfe on Facebook, asking her to side with her state and support Sanders at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Metcalfe, who is listed on the Alaska Democratic Party website as the state’s national committeewoman since 2012, cavalierly told Younger she would be supporting Hillary Clinton, due to her “negative” conversations with Sanders supporters.

What I Know…I Think: Terre Gales

It is one week from election day in the Municipality of Anchorage and what I know is Terre Gales is going to lose and lose badly to Forrest Dunbar.

Frankly that is a shame. It shouldn’t have been, and didn’t need to be that way.

Bernie Beat Trump In Alaska And Other Things You Weren’t Told

On Saturday the Democrat faithful turned out in big numbers across the state to participate in their party’s caucus. Media reports of the event, including this one from Devin Kelly of the Alaska Dispatch News, do an excellent job of telling you who won and what the atmosphere was like. What they don’t tell you are all the politically relevant details of what happened as the day unfolded.

That is where The Midnight Sun steps in. Here are 10 things that happened at the caucuses you probably haven’t read about.