Hall and Flynn: You’ll Get Muni Tax Refund….Unless Prop 8 Passes


In a piece authored by Assemblymen Ernie Hall (West Anchorage) and Patrick Flynn (Downtown) for the League of Women Voters’ Ballot Review and reposted on Assemblyman Patrick Flynn’s blog, they lay out their reasons for opposing Proposition 8 on this spring’s Municipal ballot.AnchorageVotes (1)

Supporters of Prop 8 say it will “repair” the municipal tax cap and save taxpayers money.

Flynn and Hall, however, say if you really want to see more money in your pocket you should vote against Prop 8. Here is their rationale:

The Taxman Cometh — likely more terrifying than the title of any film or book ever conceived. If you’re like us you’re slowly gathering the dizzying number of documents necessary to prepare your 2015 tax return and, with a little luck, receive a tax refund. Painful though this exercise may be, can you imagine a scenario where you were due a refund but didn’t receive it?

Unfortunately, with respect to your municipal taxes, that scenario would become reality if ballot measure 8 is approved.

Here’s why:

Each year the Municipality of Anchorage approves a budget and each year it is closely monitored. Departments are challenged to beat their budgets by spending less than they’re authorized. For example, given the dearth of snow this winter we expect Street Maintenance to come in under budget. That will allow the Assembly to refund that surplus for the following year’s property tax bill — unless ballot measure 8 passes.

You can read the full piece here.

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