What Are Lawmakers Trying To Achieve With The State Budget?


Following Alaska’s budget debate can be difficult. A mishmash of numbers and an alphabet soup of terminology can make it hard for us average Joes of the world to follow along.

To help boil things down, here are two short floor speech clips that pretty well encapsulate the budget positions of the State Senate Majority and Minority. Don’t worry, they are short and largely free of numbers and acronyms. They don’t and aren’t intended to give you the depth of detail of the budget, but rather the values each side is basing their positions upon.

First up is from the Minority is Sen. Bill Wielechowski:

Senator Bill Wielechowski – “Who do we work for?”Amendment #3 which would retain assistance for vulnerable seniors, and those who can’t afford heat, while cutting tax breaks for refineries who didn’t even ask for it, was voted down 16-4 by the Republican-led Majority in the Senate.

Posted by Alaska Senate Democrats on Tuesday, March 15, 2016


And from the Majority here is Sen. Pete Kelly:

Sen. Kelly Supports Budget Cuts“People have been saying government is too big in this state for years, mostly those people out there busting their knuckles under a rig in 30 below.”On the Senate Floor today during debate on the operating budget, Senator Pete Kelly stood up in support of reducing government spending before asking Alaskans to take money out of their pockets.Watch the entire speech here: http://bit.ly/1Riilpr

Posted by Alaska Senate Majority on Monday, March 14, 2016

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