Alaska GOP gives Rubio delegates to Cruz and Trump…but should they?


Here is a release from the Alaska Republican Party saying they are giving the delegates Marco Rubio won in their Presidential Preference Poll to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz because Rubio has “dropped out” of the race. But did he? The Midnight Sun’s understanding is that Rubio suspended rather than ended his campaign.

ARP delegate count to be recalculated

March 17, 2016

ANCHORAGE – Ted Cruz and Donald Trump will each have 14 delegates assigned to them, now that Sen. Marco Rubio has suspended his campaign.

According to Alaska Republican Party rules, (Article 5, Section 15, Paragraph 9) if a presidential candidate drops out before the state convention, the percentage of national delegates pledged to that candidate “shall be reapportioned among the Qualified Presidential Candidates.” The delegate count is recalculated according to a mathematical formula.

“For those who wondered why it was so important that we determine which district they were in before they voted in the Presidential Preference Poll, it’s for exactly this type of scenario, where we have to recalculate the 28 bound votes,” said Peter S. Goldberg, Party chairman. “Marco Rubio has suspended his campaign, but we have not yet chosen delegates. All we have done at this point is recalculate.”

Prior to that recalculation, Ted Cruz would have had 12 delegates, Donald Trump 11, and Marco Rubio 5.

The party state convention takes place in Fairbanks, April 28-30. The national convention is in Cleveland, Ohio on July 18-21.

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Suzanne Downing
Communications Director
Alaska Republican Party

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4 Comments on "Alaska GOP gives Rubio delegates to Cruz and Trump…but should they?"

  1. I thought Cruz won Alaska? If that is true then why would Cruze only get two of the five delegates and Trump the remaining three?

    • They didn’t redistribute those 5 delegates only, they redistributed all 28 delegates. I could be wrong since I don’t have access to the mathematical formula but I’m guessing Cruz would have had to have won by more than %4 to pick up an extra delegate, and he only won by 2.8%

      • But Trump loist by 2.8.
        It is the extra one delegate after deciding rubio’s tfive, split two each go Trump and Cruz.
        Cruz didnt win by 4%, but neither did trump.

        The extra ONE delegate would go to trump, why?

        • The rules don’t split Rubio’s 5 delegates. They redistribute all 28 delegates.

          In other words how would they distribute a race that close if Rubio never ran in the first place? They would do it evenly, unless one candidate had more than 4% than the other.

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