Hillary Clinton releases Alaska policies ahead of caucus


This morning the Hillary Clinton campaign released what they’re calling a “detailed policy proposal to advance equity and opportunity for all Alaskans.”

Here is a quick breakdown of her Alaska policies that actually appear to have something to do with Alaska:

  1. Hillary vows to oppose Pebble Mine.

Ok, that was a short list, but it was the only reference to anything Alaska specific about her policy positions. Hillary’s plan does mention a lot of policies affecting Alaska and the rest of the nation and she recognizes Alaska is the front line in climate change, we have a lot of active duty military and veterans, and that she needs to continue Obama’s effort to work with tribal leaders, but other than the mention of Pebble there are no Alaska specific policies to address any issue.

I’m sure it was strictly an oversight by Hillary’s Alaska team, but in her list of “Alaska” policies she forgot to include this one very, very Alaska specific policy:

hillary on drilling

The “Alaska” policy release comes ahead of the Alaska Democratic Caucus on March 26 where Alaska Democrats will gather to choose how many of the 16 unpledged delegates  Alaska sends to the Democratic National Convention (Alaska also gets 4 super delegates).  

Here is the release in its entirety:


Hillary Clinton Releases Plan to Break Down Barriers that Hold Alaskans Back

Hillary for Alaska today released Hillary Clinton’s detailed policy proposal to advance equity and opportunity for all Alaskans. Entitled “Growing Together,” the plan outlines how as president Hillary Clinton would break down the barriers that hold Alaskans back and deliver real results for the state. Clinton’s Alaska agenda focuses on creating good paying jobs, ensuring equal pay for women, tackling the global threat of climate change, and partnering meaningfully with Alaska Natives on key issues.

“Hillary Clinton recognizes that for far too long, too many of our communities have been left out and left behind. That’s why she has a comprehensive plan to tackle the issues that keep us up at night – reducing prescription drug costs, making education more accessible and affordable, and addressing the threat of climate change. Together, we can help elect Hillary Clinton our next president and ensure Alaska has a fighter who will always look out for us in the White House,” said Hillary for Alaska State Director Alana Mounce.

Last month, Clinton made news as the first candidate in the presidential race to come out in support of protecting Bristol Bay. Like President Obama, who protected Bristol Bay from consideration for oil and gas drilling, Hillary Clinton recognizes the incredible economic, cultural, and environmental value that Bristol Bay’s fishery and watershed provide to Alaska and the nation, and she agrees with the need to protect both the fishery and watershed from harmful mining activity.

Hillary for Alaska has ramped up its organizing efforts in the state in recent weeks, opening a state headquarters in Anchorage and holding kick off meetings in Juneau, Fairbanks, and the Mat-Su Valley. Organizers and volunteers are hard at work engaging voters around the state about Hillary Clinton’s record of delivering results and encouraging Alaskans to caucus for Hillary on March 26. To learn more or get involved, visit HillaryClinton.com/Alaska.

Read Hillary Clinton’s full “Breaking Every Barrier Agenda” online here, and see below for her specific plans to advance opportunity in Alaska.

Growing Together: Hillary Clinton’s Vision for Advancing Equity and Opportunity for Alaska

As President, Hillary Clinton will fight to:

Create Good-Paying Jobs and Rising Incomes: Hillary has said getting incomes rising again is the defining economic challenge of our time, and she will fight to raise incomes so that all American families can get ahead and stay ahead. Her plan includes raising the minimum wage, ensuring equal pay for women, providing incentives for companies to share profits with their employees, guaranteeing paid family and medical leave, and boosting apprenticeships to help more people get into the workforce. The wage gap deprives Alaska women of a combined $1.1 billion every year. Hillary has a plan to invest $275 billion plan to rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure, from roads and bridges to our energy and water systems. Her plan includes investing $20 billion to create youth jobs, and another $25 billion to support entrepreneurship and small business growth in underserved communities. She will pay for the new investments in this initiative through a tax on Wall Street–ensuring that the major financial institutions that contributed to the Great Recession are doing their part in bringing back communities.

Ensure Every Family Can Build and Maintain a Strong Economic Foundation: Too many Alaska families have to worry about how one financial setback can erase all of the progress they’ve made. Hillary will fight for economic security for every family, because economic security is a foundation for economic opportunity. Hillary recently announced her plan to invest $25 billion to lift more families into sustainable homeownership and connect housing to opportunity. The ACA has helped to address disparities in health care and Medicaid accessibility; Alaska’s uninsured rate for adults has fallen by 15.3 percent since 2010 and the children’s rate fell by six percent. More than 21,000 individuals have enrolled in insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s Alaska marketplace. Moreover, with more than 15% of Alaskan children in families at or below the poverty line, the ACA has expanded access to Medicaid and other services for those who need it most. Hillary will stand up to Republican attempts to roll back the ACA and will protect the progress we have made. She will work to lower out-of-pocket health care costs, reduce the cost of prescription drugs and transform our health care system to reward value and quality. She believes we should let families–regardless of immigration status–buy into the Affordable Care Act exchanges.

Build a 21st Century Energy System that Leaves No One Behind: Hillary knows climate change is a serious threat, and nowhere more than in Alaska, which is warming twice as fast as the lower 48. In Alaska, remote communities are threatened by fiercer storm surges and rising sea levels as the sea ice retreats, and the melting permafrost is damaging homes and infrastructure. And Alaskans pay some of the highest prices for heat and electricity in the nation. Hillary has a comprehensive plan to combat climate change and build a 21st century clean energy system, including big new goals to generate enough renewable electricity to power every home in America within 10 years and increasing the amount of renewable energy generated on public lands tenfold. She will also launch a Clean Energy Challenge to support locally-driven clean energy and energy efficiency solutions so communities in Alaska and across America can go even further.

Ensure Alaska Youth Have Access to Quality Education: Hillary will champion new opportunities in education to ensure nothing stands in the way of all Americans achieving their full potential. Nearly seven-in-ten preschool age kids in Alaska from low income families are not enrolled in public or private preschool. Hillary will increase our investment in Early Head Start and the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting program, and has a plan to make pre-K universal for all 4 year-olds in America. She will fight for strong public schools in every community across the country, so that every child has access to a quality education. Only 3-in-10 young Alaskans have completed higher education like an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Through her New College Compact, Hillary will fight to ensure that cost is not a barrier for anyone who wants to attend college–and that debt won’t hold them back when they do. Her plan will also provide scholarships and child care support for student parents, so that these parents can build a brighter future for their families.

Give Veterans the Support They Deserve: Hillary has laid out a sweeping agenda for reform that would fix the systemic problems plaguing the VA and bring veterans’ care into the 21st century. The more than 70,000 veterans in Alaska deserve quality and timely care built on best practices. Hillary will end the disability benefits and appeals backlog through overtime work, productivity improvements, and new initiatives. She will simplify the claims process and continue efforts to identify and treat the invisible, latent, and toxic wounds of war. The 10,000 women veterans in Alaska will be assured equal and respectful access to healthcare, including reproductive services. Hillary will also empower veterans by connecting their unique skills to the jobs of the future. She will make sure the Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits are a lasting part of the nation’s social contract with those who serve and expand tax credits to promote veterans’ employment. She will also take steps to expand funding to reduce homelessness while expanding public-private partnerships, including coordination with veteran-focused non-profits.

Partner Meaningfully with Alaska Natives on Key Issues: Hillary will build on President Obama’s work to build progressive dialogue with Tribal officials by continuing to host the White House Tribal Nations Conference annually and commit to regular and meaningful consultation with tribes on the development of federal policies–including environmental policies. Hillary will ensure that the Department of the Interior continues to expand its efforts to work collaboratively with Alaska Native communities to cooperatively manage certain fish and wildlife species. And she is the only candidate who has pledged to protect Bristol Bay and oppose the Pebble Mine.

For more information on Clinton’s policies, visit HillaryClinton.com/Issues.


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  1. So, she’s going to create high paying jobs….while oppose mining and drilling.

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