Clinton Announces Cast Of High-Profile Alaskan Supporters


Just days before the Alaska Democratic Party’s Caucus on March 26th,  Hillary Clinton has announced her core of high-profile Alaska supporters. She says it is a group of ‘elected officials and community leaders who are working to elect Hillary Clinton.”

While the group has plenty of name you might recognize like Rep. Matt Claman, Assemblywoman Elvi Grey-Jackson, and Willie Hensley, it is interesting to note the list lacks the Alaska’s highest profile democrats: Mark Begich, Ethan Berkowitz, Tony Knowles, and Byron Mallot.

Here is the full release from Hillary Clinton’s campaign:

Hillary for Alaska Announces State Leadership Council

ANCHORAGE, AK — Hillary for Alaska today announced its state Leadership Council — a group of elected officials and community leaders who are working to elect Hillary Clinton in advance of Saturday’s Democratic caucus. Clinton’s Alaska Leadership Council is led by State Representative Matt Claman and former State Representative Katie Hurley, who cited Clinton’s lifelong record of fighting for women and families and delivering real results as the reason for their support of her candidacy. Alaska-StateH-021316

“Hillary Clinton recognizes that the defining economic challenge of our time is building a strong, growing economy with opportunities for hardworking Americans. Her campaign has put forth sensible, concrete plans to do so. From protecting Bristol Bay to increasing access to affordable health care, Hillary recognizes the issues that are crucial to Alaska and she will be an ally and friend for Alaskans as president,” said State Representative Matt Claman.

“Hillary Clinton has dedicated her life to fighting for equality for women and girls, and her efforts have helped put women’s rights front and center in our national conversation. I know that Alaska women can count on her to continue to fight for us as president and to make equal pay, paid family leave, and affordable child care a reality for our families,” said Katie Hurley, Clerk to the Alaska Constitutional Convention and former State Representative.

Leadership Council member Heather Kendall-Miller pointed to Clinton’s plans to build ladders of opportunity for Alaska Natives, and urged Alaskans to stand with Hillary Clinton at the Democratic caucus this Saturday, March 26.

“Hillary Clinton has promised to partner meaningfully with the Alaska Native community, and I am proud to endorse her candidacy for president. Hillary knows that for too long, too many of our families have been left out and left behind, and she is committed to being an advocate for us from day one in the White House. I look forward to caucusing for Hillary on Saturday, March 26, and I encourage all Alaskans to join me,” said Heather Kendall-Miller.

Hillary for Alaska has been hard at work reaching out to supporters around the state, opening an Anchorage headquarters and hosting events in Juneau, Fairbanks, the Mat-Su valley, and elsewhere in recent weeks. To learn more or get involved in your area, visit

Joining the Hillary for Alaska Leadership Council today:

Matt Claman, Alaska State Representative
Elvi Gray-Jackson, Vice Chair of Anchorage Assembly
Bill Sheffield, Former Alaska Governor
Fran Ulmer, Former Alaska Lieutenant Governor
Katie Hurley, Clerk to the Alaska Constitutional Convention and Former Alaska State Representative
William and Abbe Hensley, Former Alaska State Representative and Alaska State Senator
Chuck Degnan, Fisherman and Former Alaska State Representative
Michael Wenstrup, Former Alaska Democratic State Party Chair
Patti  Higgins, Former Alaska Democratic State Party Chair
Don Gray, Former Alaska Democratic State Party Chair
Heather Kendall-Miller, Native Rights Attorney
Lloyd Miller, Native Rights Attorney
Barbara McDaniel, National Organization for Women
Carolyn Covington, Secretary Emeritus of the Alaska Democratic Caucus
Celeste Hodge Growden, Former President, Alaska NAACP
Elias Rojas, Former Board President, Alaskans Together for Equality
Jim Duncan
Susanne Fleek-Green
Schawna Thoma
Andy Ebona
Marvin Adams
Aaron Plikat
Ryan Buchholdt
Kathleen Menke
Julie Hasquet
Nora Morse
Mara Hill
Chloe Cotton
Savannah Woolston
Diane DiSanto
Nina Bonito Romine
Sue Johnson
Jan MacClarence
Beth Nordlund
Jason Nelson
Kime McClintock
Thelma Snow-Jackson
Carolyn Robinson
Terrie Gottstein
Michele Smith Vasquez
Robin Smith
Hilary Morgan
Mary Elizabeth Rider
Kathleen Metcalfe
Herb Turner
Anneslia Turner
Debby Retherford
Glenn Cravez
Melissa Fouse
Eleanor Andrews
Katherine Pfieffer
Jana Varrati
Nina Brudie

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