Spat Between Alaska Bernie Supporter & Hillary Superdelegate Goes Online


U.S. Uncut One superdelegate casually admitted to a Bernie Sanders supporter that she’ll vote to nominate Hillary Clinton, despite 81.6 percent of her state voting for Sanders.

160125185949-split-bernie-hillary-exlarge-169Levi Younger, from Eagle River, Alaska, is a recent political science graduate who caucused last Saturday with thousands of other Alaskans. Younger recently reached out to superdelegate Kim Metcalfe on Facebook, asking her to side with her state and support Sanders at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Metcalfe, who is listed on the Alaska Democratic Party website as the state’s national committeewoman since 2012, cavalierly told Younger she would be supporting Hillary Clinton, due to her “negative” conversations with Sanders supporters.

“I pointed out how our state’s caucus had turned out and hoped she’d vote for our resounding majority,” Younger told US Uncut in an email. “Things unraveled pretty quick from there.”

As seen by screenshots of Younger’s conversation with Metcalfe, Younger approached the conversation with a diplomatic, respectful tone. However, Metcalfe refused to budge in her support of the former Secretary of State despite the popular opinion of the people, only saying she would support Sanders if he was the nominee.

YOUNGER: While I understand your personal preferences would naturally come first (you are human after all) and conversations with Bernie supporters (not the man himself) would possibly leave a bad taste in your mouth, I believe that the people’s vote should probably have heavier precedent. Unless you were implying that it’s we are in charge of who you vote for, but rather something/someone else. Sanders will only be our nominee if those we’ve chosen to represent us do exactly that.

METCALFE: Again, negative conversations about our candidates do nothing to further Sanders’s cause.

YOUNGER: I’m not sure how negative it is to question your voting discretion in spite of overwhelming support. If critiquing Hillary or your apprehension to accurately vote for those you represent is negative, then I’m not sure you’re the one I’d like representing me.

Metcalfe then asked Younger where he lived, and after he responded, he asked her frankly why she’s casting her superdelegate vote for Hillary Clinton despite a vast majority of her state caucusing for Sanders.

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