Croft Mailer Bashes Trombley and Perman


Candidate for Assembly from West Anchorage Eric Croft spent a lot of time and energy amassing a campaign bankroll of over $100,000, a huge amount by Assembly candidate standards. Now it appears he is deploying it against his opponents.  

In a letter that appears to have been sent to left-leaning Undeclared and Non-Partisan voters in the West Anchorage district, Croft launches barrages against his two main opponents, Adam Trombley and Ira Perman.  

The letter says Trombley “does not respect the right of women to make decisions about their healthcare, does not respect the importance of equality and fairness in our community, does not respect the right to collective bargaining, and does not respect the public process or care about listening to constituents.”

The letter then goes on to make an argument that the race is really only between Adam Trombley and Eric Croft so any vote for third candidate Ira Perman really helps elect Trombley. It also make reference to this “negative” ad Ira Perman is running:


The Croft’s letter and Perman’s radio ad shows not only how the race is turning more negative as this Tuesday’s election nears, it also is an excellent example of the complexities of running a multi-candidate race. An attack on an opponent not only has to sway voters away from voting for them, it also has to ensure that vote doesn’t go to the other opponent.

Here is the full letter:


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