Perman and Trombley Go After Croft In Muni Race’s Final Hours


There is a little more than 24 hours until the Anchorage elections and the candidates in the Assembly race in West Anchorage are firing shots left and right.

As this last weekend began, West Anchorage residents that the Croft campaign believed to be voting for Ira Perman received a letter in the mail explaining that they needed to vote for Croft rather than Perman in order to stop Adam Trombley from getting elected.

The Trombley campaign took that as an attack on them rather than what appears to be the intended audience of Perman voters. In response the Trombley campaign produced a reply video calling out Croft for his negative campaigning.

In a twist of irony Trombley’s ad shows several mailers of Croft’s claiming Trombley “doesn’t get it” while Trombley’s ad itself goes on to show Trombley and his wife cheekily  “not getting” why Croft would do such a thing.  It also worth noting the ad more broadly suggests Trombley “doesn’t get” that the letter Croft sent out over the weekend was strategically an attack to get votes from Perman, not Trombley.  That, however, may simply be the campaign playing up their offense for strategic reasons.


Trombley RespondsThe Trombley’s respond to the negative turn the Croft campaign has taken.

Posted by Adam Trombley on Sunday, April 3, 2016


Not to be left out of the fray, Ira Perman himself launched a new ad attacking Eric Croft as being a career politician. The ad points out that Croft has been a legislator, run for Governor and Mayor, and is now a school board member. It goes on to say that when faced with problems has can’t seem to solve Croft’s “Solution to his problem? Quit and run for West Anchorage Assembly.”


The dynamics in the race are that Croft and Trombley are known quantities to voters. Croft is the proven progressive and Trombley the demonstrated conservative. Perman is the man in the middle.

From talking to both the Trombley and Perman campaigns it seem each of them see the race as primarily between them and Croft with the other guy being more of a campaign complication than a real factor.

The fact that both the centrist and right-of-center candidates are targeting their fire on the progressive Croft is a further proof they both believe he is front runner or at least their main competition.

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