Where to be on election night in Anchorage


Are you searching for the place to see and be seen on election night in Anchorage? Here is a quick rundown of the election night events happening around the city.

For those just interested in getting results and maybe having an adult beverage or two the Municipality of Anchorage has set up an Election Central at The Dena’ina Center. Polls close at 8PM so results, and drinks should be flowing by 9-ish.AnchorageVotes (1)

If you are looking to watch the returns while showing support for, and sharing camaraderie with, the campaigns of Eric Croft, Dick Traini, or Forrest Dunbar there is good news.  All three will be holding a joint election night party at Sub Zero Bistro & Microlounge (612 F Street), starting at 7:30PM.  

Southside candidate Mark Schimscheimer’s people tell us his crew will be hold up at the bar in Glacier Brewhouse (737 W 5th Avenue).

John Weddleton, also from the southside, says he will have an event starting at 7:00PM at the Steamdot in the O’Malley Centre (10950 O’Malley Centre Dr).

Ira! Perman from the Westside will be holding a watch party at a supporter’s home downtown where they’ll presumably pregame before the short trek to where the media will be covering the race at Election Central.

Chugiak/Eagle River candidate Nicholas Begich will be having a private get together while his opponent Amy Demboski will be holding an event at Chepo’s Mexican Restaurant in Eagle River (11535 Market Street) starting at 8PM.

The campaigns for Adam Trombley, Terre Gales, and Treg Taylor said they hadn’t yet planned an election night event. They said they were too busy scrapping for every vote to plan anything.  Fair point. I’m willing to bet you will find a grouping of supporters from these campaigns migrating to McGinley’s Pub (645 G Street), the best Irish pub in Downtown Anchorage, partly owned by conservative former Mayor Dan Sullivan and located conveniently right across the street from Election Central.

We’ll let you know if more events do pop up. No word yet on where Dustin Darden will be watching his close race, but they’re bound to have fluoride-free water.


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