Don Young Re-Election Chances Downgraded

UNITED STATES - JULY 23: Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, attends an event in Cannon Building on reuniting military service dogs with their handlers, July 23, 2014. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)


Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball: “This week we’re making 14 House rating changes, with all but one of them favoring the Democrats. This has been a common theme for us in recent weeks. Two weeks ago, we offered ratings of a potential HilDon Younglary Clinton-versus-Donald Trump presidential race, which tilted the competitive Electoral College states toward the Democrats. Last week, we moved six Senate races and two gubernatorial races toward the Democrats. This is mostly because of the increasingly likely odds of the GOP nominating Trump or Cruz for president.”

“Finally, three other Republican-held districts move from Safe Republican to Likely Republican, mostly out of an abundance of caution. Reps. Don Young (R, AK-AL), Ryan Zinke (R, MT-AL), and Scott Tipton (R, CO-3) all have drawn intriguing Democratic challengers, and if a down-ticket Democratic wave develops, perhaps all could be vulnerable even though their districts – statewide districts in the case of Young and Zinke – are significantly more Republican than the nation as a whole.”



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  1. Down(graded), but certainly not out!

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