Alaska Support Industry Alliance Gives “Thumbs Down” To MacKinnon and Micciche


The Alaska Support Industry Alliance (The Alliance), normally an organization strongly aligned with both Republican lawmakers and the Republican Party itself, took the unusual Alliance-Box-hi-res-240x240step earlier today of publicly disapproving of two staunchly pro-industry Senators, Sen. Anna MacKinnon and Sen. Peter Micciche on their blog Ak Headlamp.

When we launched Headlamp, we promised to tell you what the mainstream media wouldn’t. We further promised to be honest about who was helping the economy and who was hurting it. So today we bring you a recap of this weekend in “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down.”

The last 15 minutes or so of the Senate Finance committee discussion on SB 130 in yesterday’s meeting provided a window into the souls of several key committee members. See the excerpts below with Headlamp’s responses and ratings:

Thumbs Down — Senator MacKinnon:

  • “They are laying down rigs, they are reducing their workforce and we are reducing our workforce at the state level and reducing our budget just like they are.”  
    • The industry is reducing their workforce by 20-30%;
    • The state, with 21,500+ full time employees may end up laying off 50…and adding back 52 to administer the income tax that is being proposed.
  • “I don’t want to touch the oil tax regime…”
    “I reject that we are trying to touch oil tax policy because that’s not the discussion…we are not trying to take it out on their hide. We are trying to balance the current system that we have.”

    • HB 247/SB 130 represent the 6th change to the oil tax structure in 11 years and are projected to take hundreds of millions out of industry’s hide when they are already cash-flow negative.

Thumbs Down — Senator Micciche:

  • “…even though you’ve settled on a system that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t periodically evaluate and adjust blatant and significant flaws in that policy and I think that’s where we are today. I think it’s a healthy evaluation. I don’t think it means we’re fickle any longer.”
    • See Senator Kelly’s comments.

To read the full article click here.

The Alliance admonishing these two senators is surprising considering both have received high marks on the Alaska Business Report Card, a rating sheet of state legislators on business issues sponsored by industry groups including the Alliance itself.  The 2014 Alaska Business Report Card gave Sen. Mackinnon an A+ rating and Sen. Micciche an A-.

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