Murkowski Releases 1st Quarter Fundraising Numbers

Alaska’s senior senator showed another strong quarter of fundraising according to numbers released by her campaign Monday.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski raised approximately $700,000 during the fundraising period covering January 1st-April 1st of this year. Of that total, over $100,000 came from Alaskans. That leaves Murkowski with a healthy campaign war chest of over $3.4 million cash-on-hand.lisa logo

“This record-setting fundraising effort is a testament to the enthusiasm and support for Lisa’s proven ability to achieve real results for Alaskans,” said Deputy Campaign Manager Rachel Kallander. “Our campaign continues to exceed our fundraising goals. Thanks to Lisa’s supporters, this historic cash-on-hand total will give our campaign a significant advantage as we continue to fight for Alaska by standing up to the federal overreach that holds our economy back and impacts the lives and safety of Alaskans.”

The numbers show an uptick from the $577,751 in donations Murkowski garnered in the previous quarter.

The healthy numbers posted by Murkowski come in short of what Senators Mark Begich and Dan Sullivan were able to raise in the same period in 2014. Then, Begich brought in $1,045,615, and Sullivan bested them both with $1,365,035.  Murkowski’s $3.4 million cash-on-hand, however, easily beats Begich’s $2.8 million and Sullivan’s $1.9 million.

Its also worth noting that Begich and Sullivan were aided in their fundraising by the presence of the other in the race. At this point, it is not known whether Murkowski’s highest profile declared opponent Margaret Stock poses any real threat to her re-election. A challenger few see as a serious competitor doesn’t tend to instill urgency in the donor base.

The full picture on what Murkowski’s numbers mean won’t be known until Stock’s fundraising numbers are made public, and the full details of Murkowski’s report are posted by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). Those postings aren’t expected out for several weeks.

For now, Murkowski’s numbers show a healthy, organized, and active campaign. Republican donors, both in Alaska and nationally, appear to be solidly behind her.

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  1. 100,000 from alaskans,, 600,000 from oilies,, guess who she works for?

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