Berkowitz Slaps Legislators In Radio Interview



The good Mayor of Anchorage Ethan Berkowitz ate his Wheaties this morning. He came out swinging at the state legislature on The Michael Dukes Show ( 6-9 AM on AM 700 KBYR) this morning over their work, or lack thereof, on state fiscal issues..  

Speaking of working with the Assembly’s new sworn in members Hizzoner said, “We have some work to do because the state seems to have a hard time getting its act together.”

Berkowitz then took a shot directly at the legislature by invoking the Anchorage LIO project he’s stated he’d like to help them with, “I think it’s sort of difficult when you look at how they manage something as simple as the LIO and then trying to entrust them with fixing the fiscal problem. So unless I see something constructive I’m going to be skeptical.”

The Mayor even went on to question legislators’ work ethic saying sarcastically, “It looks like they’ll be taking a break because they’ve been so industrious and been working so hard.”

The rest of the 15-minute interview was filled with criticisms of both the Legislature’s budget work and his predecessor’ Mayor Dan Sullivan’s legacy on law enforcement.

You can listen to the full audio of the interview here:Part 1


Part 2

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  1. Good for him. He’s right about the Legislature’s inability to address the state’s fiscal problem. It seems they just know how to spend money when it is flowing into the treasury, but have no idea what to do when the spigot is turned off.

    I think I’ll go get some Wheaties and see what happens.

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