April 2016

Ratings Are Out, Is KTVA Catching KTUU?

In 2013, local cable TV and data communications company GCI spent millions to buy and upgrade KTVA, in both technology and on-air talent, to compete with KTUU. It is now closing in on three years since KTVA launched their new slate of news products. Are those changes paying off?

Republican Party Attacks On Colver Spread

The belief among local Republican Party officials is that Rep. Jim Colver (R-Palmer) is working to form a bipartisan majority coalition in the state house, that his voting in opposition to the House’s Republican leadership too often appears to be growing. Now multiple local party officials are searching for pressure that the party establishment can exert to bring Colver “back in line.”

Muni Election Post Mortum

After a few days have passed in order to let the election results settle out, now is a good time to look at what we can take away from what happened Tuesday.

Steve Lindbeck Tells Supporters, “Why I’m Running For Congress”

This morning newly announced Democrat candidate for Congress Steve Lindbeck sent out an email titled “Why I’m Running For Congress.” Sending such a message to introduce yourself to voters is a standard procedure for statewide campaigns. As their campaigns began to mobilize in recent weeks U.S. Senate candidates Margaret Stock and Sen. Lisa Murkowski wrote similarly titled messages.