State Legislator Calls Bernie Sanders Alaska Convention Move “Shameful”


The Bernie Sanders movement has been impressive in Alaska. On March 26th thousands of disciples of The Bern flocked to Democratic caucus locations around the state to participate in the nominating process for President. Caucus-goers let their voices be heard and the state felt their collective power.

Riding that wave, Sanders won the Alaska Democratic Party’s presidential Caucus with an overwhelming 81% of the vote. tumblr_static_9pvzlemj2r4skosk4cc88kog8

Now, the Sanders campaign is using a little known party rule to bar 222 of their own supporters from being Alaska delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia later this summer.

It’s a move many party activists and at least one state legislator is calling “shameful” and “disenfranchising”.

But let’s begin at the beginning.

At the Alaska Democratic Party caucuses in March Democrats voted on how many of Alaska’s 16 allocable delegates each presidential contender should get. Bernie Sanders, with 81% of the vote, was awarded 13 Alaska delegates.

Many Sanders backing caucus goers stuck around after the caucus itself in order to run to be a delegate from their local district to the state convention, and if they won, put their name in contention to be one of the 13 Sanders delegates at the national convention.

270 Bernie supporters completed that entire, hours-long process.

Traditionally then, they would all show up to the state convention. The factions representing each of the national candidates would separate into their own groups and elect from among themselves who would get the spots reserved for their preferred candidate.

In this case the 270 Sanders supporters would choose who among them would get the one of the 13 spots for Sanders.

Everyone I talked to had assumed this year would be no different, but it will be.

Many of those Sanders supporting delegates were blindsided in the past week when they were informed the Sanders campaign has decided to take advantage of the provisions of Rule 12 of the party’s Delegate Selection Plan under which national campaigns can effectively veto the names of those who are eligible to represent Sanders as delegates at the national convention.

According to Fairbanks State House Representative and former Alaska Democratic Party Chairman David Guttenberg, that is a provision rarely used in Alaska, “I don’t think it’s ever been used, not in thirty years.” Traditionally, he said in a phone interview, national campaigns let state convention goers vet their own delegates for selection.

Not this year.

According to Alaska Democratic Party spokesman Jake Hamburg on April 22nd the party received from the Bernie Sanders campaign a list of delegates they approved to represent his campaign at the national convention. Of the 270 Bernie supporters going to the state convention who indicated they were interested in going to the national convention only 48 were approved.

222 Bernie backers’ names were effectively vetoed.

Hamburg wrote in an email response The Midnight Sun’s questions, “Hillary Clinton’s campaign chose to approve all applicants to the national convention.” Hamburg went on to say the full list of those who were approved by the Sanders campaign won’t be made public until the state convention.

Then on Saturday, April 30th, many of the vetoed delegates received the following email from the Bernie Sanders campaign:

In response to an emailed question Monday Hamburg said ADP hasn’t sought such assistance, “The ADP did not ask the Sanders campaign for help with meeting the diversity requirements and statewide representation goals.”

When asked in an interview Monday afternoon why the Sanders campaign choose to invoke the “Right of Review” rule and use it on such a massive scale Jill Yordy, Statewide Coordinator for the Sanders campaign said in an interview “Our campaign looked through the Delegate Selection Plan and did our best to uphold our responsibilities” and “We are doing our best to ensure diversity goals are met. Then there is also the requirement, and our obligation to Bernie Sanders to make sure that the delegates that are going pledged to him are 100% committed to Bernie.”

On how excluding 222 of 270 (82%) potential choices for national delegates promotes diversity Yordy said “the original list significantly over represented communities on the road system and significantly under represented communities off the road system.”

Rep. Guttenberg didn’t take kindly to those explanations in an interview yesterday saying the Sanders campaign’s actions are “pretty shameful.”

Rep. David Guttenberg

Rep. David Guttenberg

He said the rule is being misapplied by the Sanders campaign, “It’s there in case there are people there who aren’t suppose to be there, but never before to willow down and only allow certain people to even run for elections. It’s shameless what they are doing.”

And Guttenberg isn’t buying the diversity explanation either, saying,“That’s not how its done. You don’t pre-determine who the candidates are by willowing it down to 50 because you don’t know who is going to be elected. Filling out the diversity happens as you are having the elections, not before hand. That’s a horrible excuse for eliminating people and it’s never been done that way. They are creating problems that have never existed before” and “The Sanders campaign is disenfranchising people.”

Guttenberg went on to point out a what he sees as a major irony of the situation “The problem is the Sanders campaign plays as if they are come with a higher calling, but they are doing the things they accuse the DNC and the Hillary campaign of doing, and now they are doing it.”

When asked if he thought the situation could drag down turn out to the state convention Guttenberg said he thought it would, “Why would you go? All people want is the chance (to go to the national convention), but they are telling them there is no chance.”

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105 Comments on "State Legislator Calls Bernie Sanders Alaska Convention Move “Shameful”"

  1. Is there any insight into why this decision was made? At >$150 per ticket this has a tremendous negative impact on potential revenue generation for the Alaska Dems :0( Sad… and confusing.

    • tracey marie | May 3, 2016 at 2:05 pm | Reply

      old bernie chose only rabid supporters.

    • feloniousgrammar | May 4, 2016 at 8:13 am | Reply

      a little insight into the finger-wagging trainwreck that is the sanders campaign explains it all. the man in uncouth and emotariat. he doesn’t think logically, he doesn’t bother himself with the factual, and he is loyal to no one.

    • Sidley Park Hermit | May 4, 2016 at 9:18 am | Reply

      I was gonna say they have no idea what they’re doing, but now that you’ve pointed out the impact on fundraising I think I understand: I’ll bet you dollars to donuts it’s really just out of spite towards the Democratic Party.

  2. I don’t get what’s wrong

    • So you have a list of 220 friends & I tell you to eliminate the ones who are not your best friend. Does that help?

      • Leon Ashbrook | May 4, 2016 at 4:55 pm | Reply

        Wonder if the Communist will try this subterfuge in California. Since he is obviously not going to win without continued fraudulent tampering with the Democratic Party I put nothing past him. Cannot believe that in the beginning of this Primary season I planned to vote for him should he have won the nomination.

        • Eventhough Hillary is not spending any money on ads he can’t win big in California & she will clinch pledged delegate majority (2,026) there. He should show class and drop out since he has NO path to the nomination but his ego is too big. I also liked him in the beginning until he started showing his true colors. Now I have no respect for him.

          • Maggie Mahar | May 4, 2016 at 10:20 pm |

            Yes, by staying in the race, Bernie is only hurting himself.
            The more you see him, and the more you hear him talk . .

          • Julie Olsen | May 6, 2016 at 5:21 pm |

            The more people hear him talk – the more they like his polices and his message. That is one reason why Sanders needs to stay in the race through the Convention.

        • If he gets it, please still vote for him. The alternative is truly frightening!

    • feloniousgrammar | May 4, 2016 at 8:24 am | Reply

      try reading the article. it’s amazing what getting information will do for that whole knowing thingy.

  3. Duane Stickney | May 3, 2016 at 3:36 pm | Reply

    Something is fishy going on here…i can’t see Bernie doing anything to disenfranchise anyone for any reason. Unless he thinks maybe there Clinton plants or something.

    • Evelyn Adams | May 3, 2016 at 10:45 pm | Reply

      Nothing fishy, just the Sanders campaign showing their true as*hole colors! Something that a lot of us saw along time ago and that is why a lot of us switched to a candidate that we knew really cared about the people!

      • What exactly did Bernie ever do to you? It’s not as though anyone but the rich would gain if Hillary were facing no competition. That would just mean she’d be a lot further to the right on the issues.

        • Conshius Bean | May 4, 2016 at 6:43 am | Reply

          He still has not said how he will accomplish what he promises. He has not supported any down ticket Democrats except three who supported him first. He has allowed libertarians to take over his campaign and adopted a scorched earth policy. He said he was not going to go negative against his Democratic opponent bur has. He kowtowed to the catholic church by going to the Vatican to seek out the head of an organization that protects pedophiles and has been responsible for more suffering around the world and throughout history than any other. He doesn’t care about women’s rights. He protects the gun lobby.

        • feloniousgrammar | May 4, 2016 at 8:11 am | Reply

          oh. yeah. right. in your head.

        • For starters, he has waged a negative campaign based on unsubstantiated and debunked attacks that he knows are lies… and he encourages his KoolAid drinking followers to engage in bullying. I was assaulted by four Bernie supporters at the Washington state caucuses. I can attest to the vitriol and hyperbole coming out of the Bernie camp.

      • Julie Olsen | May 6, 2016 at 5:23 pm | Reply

        Who did you switch to that really cares about the people????

    • Conshius Bean | May 3, 2016 at 11:02 pm | Reply

      Is there nothing you will not blame on Clinton? Has she replaced Obama as the go to person to blame for all things?

      • Looks like we should start a new meme. Seems Thanks Obama is out fashion nowadays.

      • Leon Ashbrook | May 4, 2016 at 4:59 pm | Reply

        This Communist has always hated the Democratic Party and he obviously has no love for some one his impaired judgement tells him is not qualified to be President. It has become obvious to all that Sanders is less fit to be president than either Trump or Cruz.

        • Julie Olsen | May 6, 2016 at 5:22 pm | Reply

          OK, Leon, let’s get back to basics… First- he’s a democratic socialist – not a communist… Please go look up the difference.

    • feloniousgrammar | May 4, 2016 at 8:10 am | Reply

      that must be it. clinton plants. he attributed it to “diversity” to confuse the enemy.

  4. akbatgirly | May 3, 2016 at 5:51 pm | Reply

    The Sanders campaign doesn’t seem to care how this will affect the people who are busting their butts to put on the state convention…….I’m sure that there are volunteers out there doing a lot of planning to put this thing on; rent space, figure out how many people are coming, how many tables, chairs, meals, etc. First the Bernie supporters accuse the AK Dems of trying to somehow shut them out, then Bernie’s reps try their best to alienate their own people…………what a mess. The Bernie Sanders Campaign reminds me of Mr. Magoo.

    • Evelyn Adams | May 3, 2016 at 11:03 pm | Reply

      I found out months ago that Sanders only cares about his own personal gain, therefore he blames everything on someone else! He blamed the DNC for his people stealing voter data, then sued them, then blamed the Super Delegates because they wouldn’t support him. Then blames the DNC because Independents can’t vote in a lot of our closed Caucuses and Primary’s! He is losing, but that isn’t his fault according to him, it is because someone is cheating or committing fraud! The only reason he is losing is because people realized that he is feeding the people fantasy’s and pixie dust and NO one in the Congress or Senate (except for a handful) will back him. They don’t like him, just like the Republicans don’t like Ted Cruz or even Donald Trump, but they are stuck with Trump, due to their ignorance! He has railed against Super Delegates from day one, now he wants to be President so bad for his own personal gain, that he wants those same Super Delegates to go against the will of the people and name him the nominee, even though the nomination always goes to the candidate ahead in Pledged Delegates and Popular vote when they get to the Convention and he is not leading in either category and never has. I discovered that he wasn’t as honest and trustworthy as we all thought he was. I can’t abide by all the lies that Sanders, his wife, Weaver and Devine were telling and I switched to Hillary Clinton. She isn’t lying to the people of America and Sanders and his campaign have been and still are. I am so thankful that I switched and that there is NO way he can become the nominee of the Democratic, especially since he isn’t a Democrat!

      • Well said Evelyn!

      • Shawn O'Donnell | May 4, 2016 at 2:47 am | Reply

        I just choked, Bernie only cares about his personel gain? Really? Compared to who? Ever here of a thing called the Clinton foundation? I will put the question to you, name ONE accomplishment either in legislation or in State Hillary has she achieved? Hillary is running for her legacy Bernie is running for me I have zero doubt of that. A story juts came out in Politico about how the Clnton campaign has used the Dems collecting money supposedly for other candiadtaes as laundry machine.

        • What does Clinton have to do with Bernie being an arrogant dou*che?

          • feloniousgrammar | May 4, 2016 at 8:17 am |

            sure he’s an arrogant douchebag, but it’s not like he’s a woman or anything. give the white man some credit. he always wants credit, no matter the occassion. kiss the ring. kiss the ass. he’s a very special white man.

        • feloniousgrammar | May 4, 2016 at 8:07 am | Reply

          oh look! the bro thinks that because he hasn’t thought of anything hillary has done that she must not have done anything. like bernie hasn’t done anything. just how long did this guy think he could win hide and seek by closing his eyes?

          i suppose we are supposed to get busy printing lists for him like we’re his personal manservants. what a trippy guy.

        • Sidley Park Hermit | May 4, 2016 at 9:14 am | Reply

          I’m just curious what do you think the Clinton Foundation actually does

        • First ever student commencement speaker at Wellesley College.
          •President of the Wellesley Young Republicans
          •Intern at the House Republican Conference
          •Distinguished graduate of Yale Law School
          •Editorial board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action
          •Appointed to Senator Walter Mondale’s Subcommittee on Migratory Labor.
          •Co-founded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families
          •Staff attorney for Children’s Defense Fund
          •Faculty member in the School of Law at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
          •Former Director of the Arkansas Legal Aid Clinic.
          •First female chair of the Legal Services Corporation
          •First female partner at Rose Law Firm.
          •Former civil litigation attorney.
          •Former Law Professor at the University of Arkansas School of Law.
          •twice listed by The National Law Journal as one of the hundred most influential lawyers in America
          •Former First Lady of Arkansas.
          •Arkansas Woman of the Year in 1983
          •Chair of the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession
          •twice named by the National Law Journal as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America
          •created Arkansas’s Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youth
          •led a task force that reformed Arkansas’s education system
          •Board of directors of Wal-Mart and several other corporations
          •Instrumental in passage of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program
          •Promoted nationwide immunization against childhood illnesses
          •Successfully sought to increase research funding for prostate cancer and childhood asthma at the National Institutes of Health
          •Worked to investigate reports of an illness that affected veterans of the Gulf War (now recognized as Gulf War Syndrome)
          •Helped create the Office on Violence Against Women at the Department of Justice
          •Initiated and shepherded the Adoption and Safe Families Act
          •First FLOTUS in US History to hold a postgraduate degree
          •Traveled to 79 countries during time as FLOTUS
          •Helped create Vital Voices, an international initiative to promote the participation of women in the political processes of their countries.
          •Served on five Senate committees:
            -Committee on Budget (2001–2002)
            -Committee on Armed Services (2003–2009)
            -Committee on Environment and Public Works (2001–2009)
            -Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (2001–2009)
            -Special Committee on Aging.
          •Member of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
          •Instrumental in securing $21 billion in funding for the World Trade Center site’s redevelopment
          •Leading role in investigating the health issues faced by 9/11 first responders.
          •In the aftermath of September 11th, she worked closely with her senior Senate counterpart from New York, Sen. Charles Schumer, on securing $21.4 billion in funding for the World Trade Center redevelopment.
          • Middle East ceasefire. In November 2012, Secretary of State Clinton brokered a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas.
          •Introduced the Family Entertainment Protection Act, intended to protect children from inappropriate content found in video games.
          •First ex-FLOTUS in US History to be elected to the United States Senate (and re-elected)
          •Two-term New York Senator
            -(senate stats here:…)
            -(voting record here:…)
          •Former US Secretary of State
          •GRAMMY Award Winner

        • Here’s a few…

          1. Her China speech on women.
          2. Her role in killing Osama bin Laden.
          3. Management of the State Department during which time we saw a 50 percent increase in exports to China, aggressive work on climate (particularly at Copenhagen), and the effort to create and implement the toughest sanctions ever on Iran—helping to lead us to the agreement currently on the table.

          Read more:

          Politico reports their analysis shows the Hillary Victory fund transferred $3.8 million to the state parties, but $3.3 million of those funds were
          almost immediately transferred to the DNC.

          This coming from candidate Sanders who ran as a Democrat to take advantage of the Democratic structure already in place. Who do you think pays for the party you are using, Bernie, but the DNC which contributes money to candidates running as Democrats all over the country. You may claim you aren’t using any of that “dirty” money, but who do you think pays for some of the Dem HQs I’m sure you are using all over the country. Who is going to pay for part of the Democratic convention you are always talking about using for your own imaginary “victory” in the race for the nomination? Whose platform are you planning to influence? Who do you think made it possible for you to use the Democratic Party for all its worth? The DNC is the answer you are looking for. None of this happens for free.

          • Ironic that Sanders received $10k from Hillary’s PAC for his Senate campaign. He takes but never gives. Selfish little bugger.

        • Karin Mayberry | May 4, 2016 at 11:18 am | Reply

          Clinton foundation: We convene businesses, governments, NGOs, and individuals to improve global health and wellness, increase opportunity for girls and women, reduce childhood obesity, create economic opportunity and growth, and help communities address the effects of climate change.

        • And everything you read on the internet is true? For crying out loud, no one is that gullible. I’m actually MORE interested in seeing Sanders’ “boring” tax returns all the way back to 2001 and including 2015. Poor Jane must be very untidy (and she ran a college?). Even I can find my returns and I don’t use software.

          • Well you know they won’t release their tax returns, it will crush the myth that they are pure. After all, even from the partial 2014 return we learned that Bernie and his wife personally benefited from his vote to ship radioactive waste from Vermont to poor Latino communities in Texas. I wonder how that investigation into Jane’s loan fraud is coming….

          • Terra Gazelle | May 23, 2016 at 9:41 pm |

            There are places for us old folks that will do your taxes and send them in.. for free.
            and you can get a file cabinet to keep the copy in. Just a hint Bernie…Show us your taxes.

        • Hillary has a better legislative record than Bernie, for starters.

          But if you want to go after the Clinton Foundation, I know of a couple hundred Cambodian children with AIDS who depend on the foundation for their medicine. I also know of a boat load of other NGOs with similar causes helping thousands of children around the world. That might not be important to you, but to ACTUAL progressives it matters.

        • That story on Politico about laundering wasn’t a report on her campaign, it was a post about Bernie’s false accusations and desperation. Get it straight, lemming.

          • Shawn O'Donnell | May 5, 2016 at 10:22 am |

            Way to keep it adult, now I am even more assured of my decision. TO call me a lemming is silly; what do we always here people believe the naion is headed in the wrong direction. SO why vote for the same things? If you go down the line Hillary supports or takes positions that are of the GOP, its not personel I am for marriage equality, I was against the Iraq war, I am for Wall Street reform, I am againt TPP and Keystone, guess who use to support those things? Guess who still does….

          • Caryn O'Connor | May 11, 2016 at 12:32 pm |

            Hm, Bernie was against marriage equality before he was for it. He spoke out against it as recently as 2006. His vote against DOMA was not because he believed in SSM but because he thought it was a state’s rights issue. The information is out there.
            Bernie didn’t vote for the Iraq War in 2001 but he did vote to take down Hussein while Clinton was President – TWICE – in 1998. The only difference in taking Hussein down in 1998 and 2001 was who was sitting in the Oval Office (a Dem and a Rep.) He also voted for funds for Afghanistan and Syria.
            Hillary is also anti-Citizens United, as it was created with the specific of funding to keep her from the Presidency in 2016. Seems to be working well, all things considered.
            As for Hillary voting Republican, I assume you realize that means Bernie also voted Republican in the 93% of the times their votes correlated?

          • William Carr | May 12, 2016 at 6:36 am |

            ” I am againt TPP and Keystone, guess who use to support those things? Guess who still does….”

            Apparently you’re so obsessed you can’t even keep up with Reality these days.

            Hillary Clinton is opposed to the TPP. It was top-secret during the planning stages, but when it was published she came out against it.

            You’re no doubt confused that when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, before the TPP was more than roughed out, she promoted it… but then, she worked for President Obama and was required to support his initiatives.

            And Hillary Clinton is opposed to the KXL as well.

            If you want to find something to attack Hillary Clinton over, find something that’s not based in a lie you found comforting.

          • Terra Gazelle | May 23, 2016 at 9:57 pm |

            Shawn…as sos Hillary worked for the president..not under her own views. As sos she said she could not give her own view of the Key stone or the TPP.. but as soon as shje was out of office she would. She did..and said that no to Keystone and as to TPP it did not protect US labor and for now until they fix it she was against it.

            Hillarty is a liberal..not GOP..she wanted Civil Unions for same sex partners..with all the laws as hetro marriage. Bernie wanted states rights for same sex. WE all know how states rights work out..that was in 2006.

            Bernie lies about his own votes and what he says..its one of many reasons I call him a liar and hypocrite. Hillary was not for the IRAQ was was 30 other dems..Bush lied to them and did what he was not supposed to do. Res 2002 was not about going to war.And Eliz Warren says that Hillary’s wall street plan is better then Sanders..

          • Shawn O'Donnell | May 5, 2016 at 11:32 am |

            By the way on this very site there is an article verifying what I said it is NOT FLASE. Look it up.

        • Catherine Madry | May 5, 2016 at 5:06 pm | Reply



        • William Carr | May 12, 2016 at 6:27 am | Reply

          IT’S. A. CHARITY.

          When did the BernieBots decide to pretend the Clinton Foundation is Hillary’s Clinton’s personal Piggybank?

        • Jim Kennedy | May 23, 2016 at 5:23 pm | Reply

          Shawn we are sick of listening to BernieBro’ and Bernie Sanders’ lies. Take it somewhere else

        • Terra Gazelle | May 23, 2016 at 9:26 pm | Reply

          There aree records that the foundation has to provide the gov and the Charity watch dogs. They are rated with the top rating…A. As much good as they do its a shame that Bernie brats and the GOp have to make it harder to do goodf.

        • Terra Gazelle | May 23, 2016 at 9:29 pm | Reply

          Hillary has given to 33 different state parties..and during the general she will give more. Its at the general after the candidates are known that they will need the most funding.

      • Contrived…..

    • feloniousgrammar | May 4, 2016 at 8:01 am | Reply

      WHAT was the bern campaign thinking? all these supporters went to the mat for him and he responded by dismissing them on behalf of “diversity”?

    • rlsimmonsjr | May 4, 2016 at 7:26 pm | Reply

      Blind Bernies

  5. I’m so sick of this lying hypocrite Sanders not being called out for the scumbag he really is.

  6. akbatgirly | May 4, 2016 at 4:36 am | Reply

    Well I wouldn’t call him a scumbag over this, but it does seem weird that he doesn’t trust his own supporters. Did they choose every single “off-road candidate”? Because that would be quite an investment if you’re flying in from Barrow for the chance to go to the national convention, only to be told beforehand that you’ve been disqualified. Kind of takes the fun out of the whole experience, I would think.

    My daughter was a Bernie supporter. Now she thinks he’s “playing dirty” and she no longer “feels the Bern”. I just think he continues to show that he doesn’t really have what it takes to run the country. But, once again, if he does manage to convince all the superdelegates to ignore the popular vote and throw their support to him, then I will show up and vote for him. We need to stick together and defeat Trump.

  7. Calling them out won’t change anything. Just need to organize to get the right delegates to Philadelphia to protect Democratic party platform.

  8. If you call them out they just think it’s part of the big enemy they’re fighting against.

  9. Just so I understand. Bernie’s people played by the rules and now you are calling him a hypocrite and liar? Ummmmmmmmm. Really?

    • feloniousgrammar | May 4, 2016 at 8:09 am | Reply

      you don’t understand.

    • I agree that Bernie is following the rules…… using a rule that is a last ditch safety net type of thing (surprisingly similar to the idea behind superdelegates), but there appears to be no real purpose to it, with a lot of potential to upset or alienate his own people. There is no way that all of those cheering people at the Anchorage Caucus were “Hillary Plants”. He has very enthusiastic followers, many of whom claim to have no interest in voting for Hillary. Why would he mistrust them? The state convention is mostly exciting because people wonder if they might get picked to go to the national convention. Why would he do something to ruin it for so many people? He just seems a bit out of touch with common sense. Okay, maybe more than a bit. But, you know, he has every right to treat his supporters like that, and maybe they like it, maybe I’m the one whose out of touch.

      • Julie Olsen | May 6, 2016 at 5:17 pm | Reply

        When there are 270 applicants for 10 positions – everyone who applied to be a national delegate knew that the chances of going to National were very small. There are many reasons people are choosing to attend the State Convention that have nothing to do with the very small chance of being a National Delegate: big Conventions can be fun and exciting, meeting with like minded people, discussing important policy positions for the State, getting to meet in person people you’ve just known by social media, etc… Were a lot of people disappointed by the shortening up of the list? Yes. Could the Campaign have announced in advance they were going to do this? Yes. Are a lot of people happy that they are not going to have to listen to 270 one minute speeches from people campaigning for the National Delegate slots? Yes. This does not make Bernie Sanders or his campaign hypocrites nor has it ruined the Convention.

        • akbatgirly | May 7, 2016 at 9:22 am | Reply

          The Dems appear to have allocated 4 1/2 hours for the Fan Out, which is how/when they choose the delegates. I don’t think it was going to be a problem to deal with 270 people, with that amount of time. I’m guessing that first they ask everybody if they can afford to go, and then if they say they can’t, boom, that gets rid of half of them or so. Then I’m guessing they’d break into smaller groups and start the selection process. Like I said, I’m just guessing, but I doubt if everybody would have had to listen to 270 speeches. But perhaps you’re right, the Sanders campaign was just trying to be helpful. However, here’s the latest rumor from the latest article on this blog;

          “Hell Hath No Fury Like A Bern-er Scorned — Earlier in the week, I reported on a move by the Bernie Sanders campaign to cull over 200 names off the list of Bernie Sanders supporters going to the state convention who wanted to be Bernie selected as delegates to the national convention.

          Word out of Dem circles is that move has upset those disavowed by Sanders so much they are trying to form an “uncommitted” caucus. Dem party rules on conventions are obnoxiously convoluted, explaining all the mechanics of the move would take a decent sized book. But if the group can get 15% of the state convention to side with them they could theoretically take a few delegates that should rightfully be Bernie’s at the national convention and send their own “uncommitted” folks instead.”

          Just trying to figure out if people can actually “legally” form an uncommitted caucus is probably going to cause a delay of an hour or two, so I don’t think the Sanders people are really doing the state Dems any favors on cutting the workload.

          • Julie Olsen | May 7, 2016 at 1:03 pm |

            From what I understand, since “uncommitted” did not reach the 15% viability threshold at the District Caucuses, there is no standing for “uncommitted” to get back in at the State Convention. And the only place this rumor about Berners being so disaffected has been heard is on this blog.

          • akbatgirly | May 7, 2016 at 6:11 pm |

            Oh I imagine that there might be all kinds of obscure rules concerning a presidential nominating process. There have actually been many rumors, but none of the others seem to have made this blog………guess we’ll see if any of it pans out next weekend!

    • He is exploiting rules to disenfranchise his own supporters in order to stack the deck. So yeah, it bothers us. Because we are ACTUAL progressives, not lip service newcomers. Integrity mean doing what is right, not what is politically expedient, and this is just one of MANY examples of Bernie not walking the walk.

      • You ought work hard to fix the rules, eh? Sounds like people are upset because candidates use the rules.

  10. feloniousgrammar | May 4, 2016 at 8:22 am | Reply

    oh. they’re so pumped up on their slight gains in indiana that they’re hitting tpv hard today. short commenting series with these guys.

    a recommendation to anyone who is new and not a troll — introduce yourself and be a good guest. all one-liners from people i don’t recognize are giving me an itchy flagging finger.

    • Karen Tahir | May 4, 2016 at 12:22 pm | Reply

      Really he received 6 more delegates ….that is nothing to write home to mom about considering Bernie received 44 and Hillary received 38. As of right now she is 290 delegates ahead of him not including the super delegates. He will never be able to catch up and that was quite obvious.

  11. arcticbirch | May 4, 2016 at 8:44 am | Reply

    None of this sounds wrong. In fact sounds like someone on the Sanders campaign actually took the time to read the state’s delegate regulations to a “T.” They are within the law.

    • At first glance this would tend to be true but… if that were the case why isn’t he doing it in other states? Doesn’t make any sense.

    • Leon Ashbrook | May 4, 2016 at 4:51 pm | Reply

      From your degree of confusion and misinformation I take it you are one of the Communist Sanders’ supporters!

  12. agentlemuse | May 4, 2016 at 12:33 pm | Reply

    Bernie Sanders doesn’t care what the Alaska Bernie delegates think because he doesn’t need their vote any longer….He has been a fraud from day one of this campaign and that will never change.

  13. agentlemuse | May 4, 2016 at 12:34 pm | Reply

    Democracy Bernie Style? Or Communism?

    • Leon Ashbrook | May 4, 2016 at 4:49 pm | Reply

      Sanders is a Communist. Sanders supporters are in every way similar to the Ancient Roman Proletariat.

  14. I wouldn’t call the Alaska caucus anything significant. Only 549 people total voted in the caucus and only 20 delegates total were rewarded. But those voters should still be heard and Sanders is just further proving what a hypocrite and fraud he is.

    • Maggie Mahar | May 4, 2016 at 10:18 pm | Reply

      And for those individuals who have been wiped from the list, this is significant.

      No doubt many were really looking forward to the convention -something they would always remember.

    • Julie Olsen | May 6, 2016 at 5:06 pm | Reply

      Your facts are totally wrong… Some 10,000 people voted in the AK caucuses and then 500 + became delegates to the State Convention. Get correct information before you use it to draw erroneous conclusions.

  15. Tabitha Cox | May 5, 2016 at 9:27 pm | Reply

    Wow. Just wow.

    Are these comments coming from my fellow Alaskans? This is seriously disappointing to see, because this is not how we treat each other. Political disagreement in this State is a reality we’ve all seen past for quite sometime.

    This is likely the ACTUAL reality for Sanders delegates: They HAVE to be at the convention. If there is any wishy washy last minute flaking, it will be absolutely detrimental to his last stand.

    I, myself really wanted to be a Sanders delegate, but the reality was that I could have applied, and thought, “Maybe I can somehow make the time,” (Despite the fact that I’ll be fishing, and there is no way), or “Maybe somehow I can save the money” (To LITERALLY fly across the country, and surplus for me is only made fishing).

    I think people need to start checking themselves. Especially, and I hate to say it, but those who are supporting Clinton in THIS particular thread. This is not how Alaskans treat one another. If I were to find you, and read your comments back to you, I imagine you’d be very disappointed in yourselves.

    Please keep this state not only the most beautiful state in the US, but the most kind and communal. In other words, I really hope you’d still pick up a hitchhiker, or give someone a place to stay, even if they Supported Sanders or Drumpf. :)

  16. Oh puhleese. The self-righteousness is overwhelming here. The Clintons have supposedly been in “public service” most of their lives, and just sort of accidentally wind up multimillionaires. Yeah I know – they saved up out of Bill’s Governor’s salary XD Monsanto is on the 1-5 million dollar donation list to the Clinton Foundation. The daughter marries a Hedge Fund manager, lives in a million dollar apt. in Manhattan, makes $600k/year doing ‘something’ for a TV network, and gets “speaking fees”…..yeah -Bernie is the bad guy, alright. Talk about lying hypocrites – NAFTA, anyone? TPP? KXL? They play golf with the Bushes and decide who gets to be President next. They are your rulers, not your representatives – better just call it like it is.

    • Conshius Bean | May 8, 2016 at 1:39 pm | Reply

      I don’t think there’s any self-righteousness left for the Clintons. Sanders and some of his supporters have the market cornered on self-righteousness.

  17. Angelo Fulcinetti | May 7, 2016 at 5:30 pm | Reply

    So this is another of those fake websites where Clinton supporters gather to slander Sanders. What’s going to happen when Clinton is indicted? Every week it’s getting worse and the campaign spin and denial is sad. Or are you only avoiding the facts by feeding on the lies on her website or the postings of other liars? Go to the “Hillary Clinton email controversy” wiki and feast on some truth for a change.

  18. Oliver Grayson Eckert | May 18, 2016 at 11:36 am | Reply

    Stop with the AK “landslide” meme.
    82% of 539 TOTAL votes (440) on a base of 735K registered voters. Hardly democratic.
    If there were 1000s flocking to him, why only 440 votes?
    If he tries to run as an independent after the convention we will have Nader 2.0, and lose SCOTUS for DECADES. Many of our rights will be usurped by a GOP led House and Crazy f**king Pres. Trump. Is that what Berners want? Because their selfish DEMAND to have the nomination at ALL costs is beyond frightening, and I’ve been voting for 40+ yrs. I feel like weeping.

  19. Stephen Conn | May 18, 2016 at 1:37 pm | Reply

    how much slack do you give a guy who is still suffering from a terrible loss?

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