Focus Groups On Trump Show Warning Signs For Democrats

washington postWashington Post — Focus groups of swing voters have picked up some warning signs for Democrats about Donald Trump’s general election candidacy: While those swing voters are willing to see Trump as a risky, divisive figure, they are not yet prepared to believe the Dem argument that Trump’s policy proposals would benefit the rich, a senior Democratic strategist who has been directly involved in extensive focus groups tells me.

Donald_Trump_August_19,_2015_(cropped)The findings in these focus groups present Democrats with both challenges and opportunities as they prepare for a very harsh general election campaign against Trump. They also may help explain the brutal onslaught of attacks on Trump we’re about to see from Democrats as the primaries wind down and the July conventions approach.

The focus groups were conducted in a range of presidential swing states, and targeted mostly suburban women, but also blue collar women. The findings were described to me by the senior Dem strategist on the condition that he and his affiliation remain anonymous.

The key finding from the focus groups, this Dem strategist told me, is that they revealed a divide in terms of how swing voters currently view Trump when it comes to temperament on the one hand, and policy on the other.

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