Live Blogging The Alaska Democratic Party Convention (Sunday)


Welcome to the Midnight Sun’s live blog of the the Alaska Democratic Party Convention.


1:57 — Ok, Im out. The convention has ground to a halt.  The platform has been passed but a small group want it re-opened. We are now stuck in a Roberts Rules quagmire.  I’m leaving.
1:46 — Its now a state of confusion at #akdemconv No one knows what is being voted on or what a yes/no vote means.
1:33 — Resolution honoring John S. Parks passes #akdemconv
1:29 — Anti-super delegate restitution passes the #akdemconv
1:24 — Now there is a motion to for Alaska to get rid of super-delegates. #akdemconv. But its just a resolution. It has no binding power.
1:15 — Guy moves the #akdemconv formally endorse @BernieSanders. The motion passes. #feelthebern
12:45 — @AlaskaDemocrats national electors are D’arcy Hutchins, Vic Fisher, and June Denman. #akdemconv
12:28 — Ed Wesley and Julie Baltar elected national committeeman and secretary. #akdemconv
12:03 — A couple of Bernie folks were talking about how for the last year the party had planned on having Elvi Grey-Jackson be the Chair of the convention. Apparently the Bernie folks found out she is a Hillary supporter and objected. The Bernie and Hillary people then talked and agreed to Chancy Croft as a replacement.
11:57 — Lynda Zaugg is running for party secretary. Her opponent is Julie Baltar.
11:51 — National Committee Man race is between WiIlie Anderson, Ed Wesley, and Eric Treider. #akdemconv voting now.
11:39 — Sheila Selkregg wins the national committee woman post at #akdemconv. Vote was 375-160 over Patricia Smith.
11:26 — Gazaway and Knapp eliminated from national committee woman race. #akdemconv now voting between Smith and Selkregg.
11:00 — Candidates for national committee woman are now giving speeches. Candidates are Patricia Smith, Brenda Knapp, Barbara Gazaway, and Sheila Selkregg.
10:33 — ***UPDATE*** Nothing is happening right now.
10:13 — Fairbanks selected as the site for the 2020 #akdemconv by a 317-169 vote. Sigh #reasonsImnotademocrat.
9:52 — D39 and D40 seriously not representin at the #akdemconv on Sunday
9:51 — Croft rules #akdemconv climate change motion out of order because there is no way to determine the question. #climatechangedenier
9:50 — guy makes a motion to hold next #akdemconv in the place that has the “least impact on climate change”
9:45 — Now Juneau is making their pitch for the 2020 #akdemconv.  #betterchoice
9:35 — Fairbanks is now pitching themselves as the site of the 2020 Alaska Dem convention. When was the last time Fairbanks was the right answer to anything?  Just kidding, Fairbanks. #notreally
9:28 — Delegate complaining that Nat Herz of Alaska Dispatch News “leans so far to the right he falls over sometimes.”
9:25 — Kay Brown says the ADP is looking for a “place holder” to run as a Democrat in D36. She says that Rep. Dan Ortiz is an Independent but the ADP doesn’t want to split the vote and is looking to “give him cover.” So they want someone to run and drop out so there isn’t a Democrat on the ballot in that race.
9:17 — Convention chair Chancy Croft referring to the folks with authority to turn mics on and off as “master control”.  So I guess Jake Hamburg is the MCP and, oh Jesus, does that make Ray Metcalf Tron?
9:15 — The convention is now reconvened. I was wrong, there may be as much as 65% of delegates from yesterday back for today’s work.
8:53 — Noticeably less people here today than yesterday.  There were about 530 delegates participating in the fan out yesterday.  I’d guesstimate about half that here today.
8:48 — Rep. Harriet Drummond speaking to #akdemconv about women in the legislature elected in 2012, “and then there was the infamous Lynn Gattis, the hay farmer from Wasilla”
8:45 — We’re back at the #akdemconv for day 3 (Sunday). Election of party leaders, setting the platform, and resolutions all to be done today.
2:47 — Lady dropped out of national delegate race to throw support to another girl saying “I’m only a two-fer, she’s a three-fer” #akdemconv #yayquotas
2:10 — Final fan out count at the #akdemconv is 97 for @HillaryClinton, 426 for @BernieSanders
2:03 — @HillaryClinton meets the 15% threshold to receive national delegates at the #akdemconv….but it looks like just barely.
1:21 — Drama going on now, if @HillaryClinton can’t get 15% of state delegates she is declared non-viable & @BernieSanders gets her national delegates.
The count is still going on.  Looks like it could be close to an 85-15 split.
1:12 — The fan out is in progress. The small group on the left is Hllary peeps, everyone else is Bernie folks.
1:04 — I don’t understand why this is hard. There are only two candidates. Hillary peeps over hear, Bernie peeps over there…How hard is that?
1:00 — Bernie supporters have a lot questions about where they go to fan out, which person counting delegates “is to believed”, and other procedural squabbling.
12:45 — The presidential fan out is about to beginning at the #akdemconv.  This is where the fun is suppose to happen.
11:30 — “Independent” Senate candidate Margaret Stock speaking to the convention.
11:15 — Congressional candidate Stee Lindbeck speaking to the convention.

11:05 — Democrat-ish candidates @SteveLindbeck and @MargaretForAK waiting to speak at


10:59 — At #akdemconv @RepGeranTarr calls oil and gas tax credits “corporate welfare”. Says we need to give pfds to people, not oil co.s #akleg

Theresa Obermeyer is now at #akdemconv. Now it’s a party

10:09 — Mayor Ethan Berkowitz now speaking to the convention. Says we are at an “inflection point.”  I have no idea what that means.


9:55 — I’m told by a Bernie Sanders supporter they think they might be able to get 85% of the delegates. If Bernie Sanders supporters can get Hillary Clinton support below 15% she is declared non-viable & Bernie gets her 3 delegates.

9:41 — The only active politicians I see here so far are Steve Lindbeck, Rep. Andy Josephson, and Harry Crawford.

9:37 — Chancy Croft elected chairman of the convention


9:25 — Here are some materials of people running for party offices and delegate slots at the convention:

image image

9:21 — If there is going to be a fight at the #akdemconv, election of convention chairman would be the first fight. That is about to happen.

I’m told all sides have agreed to Chancy Croft as convention chairman. Let’s see if that happens.

9:17 — Here is the convention agenda.

2016 ADP Convention Agenda WEB

8:57 — Here is a resolution against super delegates being passed around the convention. Guy passing it out says the authors missed the deadline for submitting party rules so it can only be a resolution.


8:47 a.m. — Welcome. Delegate are arriving and the Chairwoman Casey Steinau is directing the delegate — organized by state house district— to elect district chairs.

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2 Comments on "Live Blogging The Alaska Democratic Party Convention (Sunday)"

  1. What is the status of the Alaska Democratic Party and the efforts to allow independent candidates to run in the primary? Was the rule change made at the convention, and if so will the ruling be appealed now then?

  2. Casey Reynolds | May 16, 2016 at 11:24 am | Reply

    The convention ended in what pro-wrestling fans would recognize as a schmoz (A crowd of wrestlers during a pullapart [dfn.] brawl; general chaos meant to conclude an angle or match without having to book anything intricate). With that said no one was entirely clear as to what the status of anything is. I have asked the party for clarification on several points, including this one. I will post the answers when I get them.

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