May 2016

Is Minnery Email A Warning Sign For Alaska Republicans This Fall?

An email sent out Wednesday—in the wake of Trump winning Indiana and becoming the presumptive Republican nominee by Alaska’s most politically active Conservative Christian group may be the first warning sign that Alaska’s socially-conservative base may be a problem for Alaska Republicans in November.

Voices In The Sun: ADN Backed Poison Pill Threatens Important Crime Bill

Senate Bill 91 goes a long way to remedy these failures. It funds programs and supervision strategies that work to reduce recidivism and shifts away from strategies that don’t. It gives practitioners the best tools to measure risk of re-offending and focus their resources on those who need it most. It adopts strategies that have reduced crime and prison populations in other states, like Georgia, South Dakota, Utah, and Texas. It is by any account, the most significant paradigm shift in our approach to criminal justice since statehood. Killing it with a well-intentioned amendment would be demoralizing and quite frankly heart-breaking.