Bits Of Blue Show Through Stock’s Independent Veneer


As Margaret Stock runs as an independent candidate for U.S. Senate, signs of Democrat support are evident throughout her campaign, Alaska Public Media reports.

Margaret Stock

Margaret Stock

“While Democrats recruited Stock to run, Stock insists she’s no Democrat.”

“Begich did give her a contribution. (It was for $500.) Stock said she’d have to check with her campaign to find out if Begich shared his list of fundraising contacts with her.  Her campaign spokesman later said by email they won’t discuss it because it’s an “internal fundraising strategy.” Nor would they discuss an item in the political blog Midnight Sun suggesting Stock is using Hilltop Public Solutions, a campaign management firm that lists Begich as a consultant. (Hilltop isn’t listed on Stock’s campaign finance report, but it only covers through the end of March.)”

“Stock did, though, get some Democratic help with contributions. Her financial report shows she hired Katz Watson Group, a D.C.-based Democratic fundraising firm. Professional fundraisers cultivate frequent donors and connect them to candidates. They typically specialize by party. Katz Watson counts the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee among its current or former clients. Sen. Angus King of Maine has also used the firm. He’s an independent, but he organizes with the Senate Democrats. (The Stock campaign says they’ve since dropped the firm.)”

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