Alaska Republicans Plan Rally For Trump In Anchorage


Fans of Donald Trump rejoice.  You can now attend a Trump rally of your very own.  Trump Stumpers will be heading to the Dimond Center Hotel Thursday night for the first 13418390_1693599767569294_644426128720569447_obig rally and fundraiser for his campaign Alaska has seen.

“This event will kick off the effort of Alaskan’s who support sending a Republican to Washington in November. Monies raised will be used to ensure that Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton wins the White House and just as importantly to support the effort of Republicans here at home to win elected office, ” said Jim Crawford Chairman of Alaskan’s for Trump 2016.

The event is being paid for by the Alaska Republican Party. This appears to be their effort to show solidarity behind their recently embattled presidential candidate.


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2 Comments on "Alaska Republicans Plan Rally For Trump In Anchorage"

  1. So the Alaska Republican Party agrees with Trump’s Orlando response, and his doubling down/ expansion of the ban on Muslim immigrants (even though the shooter was an American)?

    Unlike many Republicans in Congress.

    Unlike the majority of Americans.

  2. God bless Trump 2016!!!!!!

    The rest of you FAGGOTS can go suck a lemon.

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