First Poll Since Orlando Shows Clinton Opening Big Lead Over Trump — Democrat Hillary Clinton has opened up a double-digit lead nationally over Republican Donald Trump, whose negatives remain unusually high for a presidential candidate amid early indications that the Orlando terrorist attack has had little direct impact on the 2016 race.

A new Bloomberg Politics national poll shows Clinton leading Trump 49 percent to 37 percent among likely voters in November’s election, with 55 percent of those polled saying they could never vote for the real-estate developer and TV personality.


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  1. “Trump’s suggestions that Obama hasn’t taken forceful enough action to stop domestic terrorism because he sides with Muslims landed with a thud for the majority of Americans, with 61 percent disagreeing with the suggestion.”

    And many Republican members of Congress are now backing further away from Trump.

    Unlike Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan, and Don Young, who all “support the nominee” no matter what. At least Don Young can say “I support Trump,” while for the other two its garbled.

    Perhaps, Lisa Murkowski has become a SINO (Supporter In Name Only).

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