Lindbeck Turns To Begich and Dunbar For Fundraising Pitch


You can tell the end of the Federal Election Commission’s (FEC) second quarter reporting period for is rapidly approaching. For the record, it is June 30.

Campaigns tend to push for as much last-minute cash as possible in order to boost their bank accounts and by extension their election day viability.

As we get closer to the deadline, those who are politically engaged should expect more and more frantic appeals for donations to hit their email inboxes.

One campaign has already started ramping up the end-of-quarter pleas.

In the last 3 days, Democrat congressional candidate Steve Lindbeck has turned to Alaska’s highest profile Democrat Mark Begich and the state’s progressive golden boy Forrest Dunbar in separate emails to ask for cash.

The Begich email focused on the tough fight Lindbeck has ahead of him:

lindbeck begich letter

The Dunbar email took a decidedly more self-congratulatory tone. Dunbar claims his campaign against Young two years ago loosened the proverbial ketchup bottle for a Linbeck victory this fall. Dunbar says, “We showed that Don Young is incredibly vulnerable.”

Young beat Dunbar 51%-41%.
Here is the full text of Dunbar’s plea to donors on behalf of Lindbeck:

lindbeck dunbar email

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