Anchorage Special Session Would Cause Fundraising Blackout


Legislators are discussing whether to hold their special session in Juneau or Anchorage. One interestingelement of such a decision would be it would prohibit any sitting legislator from raising campaign money in Alaska’s largest city and commercial hub for the duration of that session.


Anchorage LIO

According to the Alaska State Legislature 2015-2016 Standards of Conduct Handbook for Legislators and Legislative Employees:

“A legislator or legislative employee may not request or accept a contribution, or a promise to make a contribution, for any state or municipal office while the legislature is in regular or special session.”

That rule is then narrowed to only the city where the special session is being held by what is referred to as the “90-day window.” That rule states:

“If the special session falls within the period 90 days immediately preceding an election, legislators may solicit and accept contributions for their own campaign for state or municipal office in a place other than the capital city or a municipality in which the special session is convened.”

Thus, if the legislature chooses to hold their special session in Anchorage ALL sitting legislators and current legislative employees would be barred from soliciting or accepting any campaign donations here for the run of that session.

This rule only applies to current legislators and legislative employees. Challengers and their campaigns would be free to raise money wherever they like.

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